Since 2009, Rustici Software has been helping companies of every size test, play and distribute courses with SCORM Cloud. From the very beginning, users and industry professionals alike loved the product. Since then, we’ve seen a vast increase in signups, courses and registrations. To find out more about how customers are growing with our product, the SCORM Cloud team started internally tracking overall usage data. They’ve tracked the number of new signups, upgraded accounts, number of registrations, plus number of courses from 2009-present.

Curious about their findings, we set out to analyze the data between 2020-2021 to learn where SCORM Cloud users are seeing the most value. We found that more customers than ever are using SCORM Cloud, with a dramatic increase in the number of courses launched from last year to this year. The data reinforces the importance customers place on eLearning as more companies train some or all of their workforce online.

Let’s look at the data breakdown

SCORM Cloud users are testing and distributing more content than ever

A real indicator of how users are taking advantage of SCORM Cloud and growing their own client-base is to look at the number of imported courses. We hypothesize that the impressive 45.8% increase in the number of courses uploaded on SCORM Cloud from 2020-2021 may have something to do with testing and training moving online due to COVID. The increase also may be an indicator of more general opportunities as companies commit to fully distributed learning. From 2020 to 2021, SCORM Cloud became even more important for testing content. The increase may have more of a story to tell next year, but we think more companies are committing to a long-term online training strategy than ever before.

More learners than ever launched courses

The easiest way to measure learner counts is by keeping track of registrations. As a reminder, a registration is counted when a learner accesses a course for the first time (via public invite, private invite, API call or dispatch). Learners can revisit it as often as they wish without creating additional registrations. SCORM Cloud saw record utilization in 2021, delivering over 3M registrations in a month (a few times over). The number of registrations increased by 31% from 2020-2021.

It’s easier than ever to start sharing content with clients and learners

Plenty of customers learn about SCORM Cloud because of our free testing tier for eLearning courses, but our largest clients depend on it for distribution. Users can take advantage of distributing courses to learners through invitations, SCORM Cloud Dispatch or through the SCORM Cloud API. Since it’s easy (and free) to sign up and start testing, our signups are up 10% from 2020, while the number of upgrades from the free tier increased by 8% since last year. That means more customers than ever are sharing both standard and non-standard content with learners.

Why is now the best time to use SCORM Cloud?

It’s easy to get started

SCORM Cloud is for anyone who wants to start testing and distributing content to learners or to customers. SCORM Cloud is great for delivering courses directly to users and for sharing courses with third party LMSs. To begin testing and sharing for free, signup with a SCORM Cloud account.

Test, play and distribute all types of content

Something you may not know about SCORM Cloud is the ability to upload, play and track both standard and non-standard content. The application supports SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, xAPI, cmi5, PDF and MP4 files.

Use SCORM Cloud’s API to support standards in your application

Our API allows you to import, launch and track standard and not standard content within your own application. Additionally, SCORM Cloud includes a number of features you can integrate against, which you can learn more about on the SCORM Cloud overview page. To read more about how companies like Degreed use the SCORM Cloud API to help modernize their own eLearning strategy, check out our case study with them.

Capture xAPI statements in SCORM Cloud’s LRS

Want to capture unique data points from learners? Your SCORM Cloud account comes with a Learning Record Store (or LRS). Set up multiple activity providers, forward statements to other LRSs and query xAPI statements from SCORM Cloud’s LRS.

Enjoy a delightful experience

SCORM Cloud boasts 99.98% uptime, making the application highly reliable and available. It’s backed by excellent verified reviews on Capterra. Here’s what some of our customers said this year about their experience:

“Outstanding work with excellent support.”

  • Our delight team aims to answer any questions about our products or industry learning standards with 100% satisfaction. It doesn’t matter to us if you’re a customer or not. Ask Us Anything is our motto, and we mean it!

“All E-Learning Developers Should Use This!”

  • You can use SCORM Cloud to test eLearning content that you’ve built in an authoring tool. The application will help you troubleshoot places that would otherwise keep learners from completing courses.


  • We agree. To see how SCORM Cloud transformed our customer’s businesses, check out our resources page for a list of SCORM Cloud case studies.

SCORM Cloud has helped thousands of companies and millions of learners over the past 12 years. After we analyzed all the signup, course and learner data, it’s clear that SCORM Cloud has a lot of growth ahead of it. Providing people with an easy and interoperable way to share online training and measure learner data will continue to be important as more companies move to online training. If one thing is clear, it’s that testing is only the beginning for a SCORM Cloud user. Our customers depend on us to deliver standardized and non-standard content to learners and third party LMSs. Questions about how SCORM Cloud can help your company? Ask us!

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