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When learning content comes from multiple places (like authoring tools, off-the-shelf channels, videos, etc.), chances are they won’t all have the same standards support. And when you’re working with multiple learning systems, making that content compatible, managing and administering it across your ecosystem, and, of course, effectively tracking the data can turn time-consuming and frustrating in no time.

We have the tools to centralize and streamline your learning content, making it easy to share with all of the systems and report back on learning data. That way, when you upload a course in a single location, it’s immediately made available to every connected platform. Not only will you save time administering the courses, but you also get a consolidated usage report across all learners in every system.

As the eLearning technology experts, we’ll make sure that any tool you use will support SCORM, xAPI, cmi5, LTI and AICC so it works well with all other tools in your ecosystem.

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The benefits of content centralization tools

  • Compatibility across all platforms

    Whether you’re using SCORM, xAPI or just have PDFs and MP4 files, you can deliver them to other platforms in your ecosystem, even if you have courses in one standard and a system that supports another.

  • Leverage built-in reporting functionality

    Consolidate all of your learning data, no matter the standard, so you can easily create reports and gain insights to make strategic decisions.

  • Extended enterprise solutions

    Ensure learners outside of your organization are educated about your products and processes by delivering training content to external LMSs.

  • Control where content is hosted

    Depending on your organization’s security requirements, Content Controller can be hosted in a private environment or deployed on your own servers.

Centralize your eLearning content, streamline course access, and more with Content Controller

Content Controller is an application that helps you centrally host, manage and distribute SCORM, xAPI, cmi5, and AICC content along with MP4 and PDF files. Log in to the application to upload and organize courses, set up and manage access and report on usage.

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