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Our work with the SCORM standard

Rustici Software does not own or govern the SCORM standard. Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative (ADL) oversees the standard and formal testing and certification of SCORM compliance. Our expertise is in helping companies support SCORM in the most conformant manner, using our team to offload the expense and development time required to do it themselves.

Rustici Software has been providing software solutions and support for the SCORM standard since we were founded in 2002. We have worked closely with the standard across all of its iterations, from SCORM 1.1 through SCORM 2004 4th edition. Early on, our work was focused on the SCORM standard itself, and we were active in the SCORM technical working group. As time passed, we also became involved in the evolution of SCORM. We were awarded a BAA from ADL in 2010 to modernize SCORM Communication, an effort that became known as Project Tin Can and ultimately xAPI.

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We know SCORM better than anyone else

Hundreds of LMS vendors, content creators and organizations around the world find value in outsourcing SCORM support to Rustici Software. We understand the complex process that is building and maintaining SCORM better than anyone. We’ve seen it all and we use our insights to continually improve our solutions and support. It’s no surprise our product SCORM Cloud is used to test and deliver millions of SCORM registrations each month. So, if you have questions about SCORM, reach out. You can ask us anything. We really mean it.

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Resources we provide for SCORM, for free

We’re here to help you make sense of SCORM; we consider ourselves stewards of the standard. We provide free resources on and we’re happy to answer questions when people contact us directly. We spend a lot of time helping people with SCORM that aren’t customers and likely never will be. We also offer free SCORM content testing via SCORM Cloud. Thousands of people test courses using free SCORM Cloud accounts each month and we help them troubleshoot content issues. For free.

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Products we make that help you support SCORM

We develop software solutions that make it easy for you to support SCORM in your product or platform.

  • Rustici Engine (aka SCORM Engine)

    Engine is the easiest route to making your LMS or learning experience platform become SCORM conformant.

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  • Rustici Driver (aka SCORM Driver)

    Driver is the quickest way to make your authoring tool or content library produce SCORM-conformant packages.

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  • SCORM Cloud

    SCORM Cloud can help you test, deliver and track SCORM content. Log in to the platform online or use the API to integrate a hosted SCORM player to any application.

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SCORM questions?

If you have questions about SCORM, we’re here to help. Ask us anything. We really mean it.