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Since 2002, Rustici Software has been a trusted partner of associations and organizations across a variety of industries. See our full list, check out our customer page.

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Centralize and deliver content

Creating, sharing and maintaining valuable and accurate continuing education with your members is critical. Our solutions help you centrally manage your courses and easily distribute them to third-party systems, making it easy to deliver course updates, track usage and control access.

Play and track content

Whether you’re building a new application, adding a learning component to an existing platform or replacing a legacy content player, we can help. Our integrated player connects to your platform via an API to manage the import and launch of SCORM, xAPI, cmi5, LTI and AICC content.

Products to meet your needs

  • Content Controller

    Content Controller lets you centrally host, manage and distribute eLearning courses. Your team can log in to the application to easily upload content, manage course versions, enforce licenses, and capture course analytics. Additionally, they can share content with members and member organizations in multiple languages, all while significantly reducing their administrative burdens.

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  • SCORM Cloud Dispatch

    SCORM Cloud Dispatch helps you deliver content to other learning systems while hosting your content in your SCORM Cloud account. Ensure your course can play in any LMS and seamlessly updates in multiple LMSs. SCORM Cloud Dispatch helps with this and also disables access upon license expiry, while consolidating content usage data across platforms.

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  • Rustici Dispatch

    Rustici Dispatch connects with your application via an API. It allows you to share eLearning content from your platform to other learning applications in the standards format they require, while keeping the courses on your servers. If you already manage your courses with a custom application or if you’re adding eLearning content management to your proprietary platform, Dispatch is a good fit.

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  • Rustici Engine

    Rustici Engine is a content player that integrates into your LMS or learning system to handle the import and launch of SCORM, xAPI, cmi5, LTI and AICC content. Rustici Engine sits behind hundreds of LMSs, LXPs, HCMSs, TMSs, gamification platforms, HR systems and custom training applications to ensure they are compliant with the eLearning standards.

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Brandon Hall Group Technology Excellence Award

Supporting AICPA & CIMA’s modern learning transformation journey

Rustici Software’s Content Controller won a coveted Gold award for Best Advance in Learning Management Technology for External Training for our work with our customer, AICPA & CIMA, in a combined effort with LTG brands: GP Strategies and Bridge LMS.

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