The challenge

New Jersey REALTORS®, the leading advocate for the real estate industry and private property owners, helps members fulfill all state-mandated continuing education credits through their LMS, the New Jersey REALTORS® Academy of Continuing Education. The Academy launched in 2012 when New Jersey began to require continuing education for all real estate licenses.

Initially, New Jersey REALTORS® created SCORM-based course content by hand and delivered them to users through a custom LMS they built partnering with a vendor. However, the courses would not play reliably in their LMS. New Jersey REALTORS® tested their content in SCORM Cloud to ensure SCORM conformance and confirmed that their courses weren’t the issue, leading them to believe it was time to rethink their LMS implementation.

The solution

New Jersey REALTORS® decided to build a custom LMS internally. After finding great success testing and playing content in SCORM Cloud, New Jersey REALTORS® selected Rustici Engine, SCORM Cloud’s backbone player, to ensure their custom LMS played and tracked SCORM-based courses reliably. Today, Rustici Engine acts as the on premise, standards-based player within New Jersey REALTORS® Academy of Continuing Education and has helped New Jersey REALTORS® launch 35,000 courses for its 50,000 members.

What’s great about using Rustici Engine is that everything is set up to make it as easy to use as possible. We were able to get up and running quickly, upgrades are straightforward and the support we receive is fantastic. But the best part is that we never have worry about our courses playing properly for our 50,000 members who rely on us each year.

William Thompson Jr., Director of Technology

The benefits

Saving initial development time

Initially, New Jersey REALTORS® considered building their LMS’s SCORM support internally, since they had created their own SCORM courses. However, they quickly discovered that building a SCORM player was a much larger challenge. By using Rustici Engine, New Jersey REALTORS® has saved initial development time to build their LMS and was in production in less than 60 days.

Running seamlessly and easily

Rustici Engine offers a seamless integration and New Jersey REALTORS® appreciates that their users have no idea Engine’s software is running in the background of the Academy.

Enjoying access to new features and awesome support

New Jersey REALTORS® found that getting started with Rustici Engine was very simple. It was easy to set up thanks to Joe Donnelly and the Delight Team, who worked with them to get started. That great support has continued; they found it easy to upgrade to the newest version of Engine in order to take advantage of the latest features.

The results

Since getting started with Rustici Engine in December 2015, New Jersey REALTORS® Academy of Continuing Education has launched over 35,000 courses. Additionally, they upgraded from Engine LWS to Engine 2017.1 in just one week in 2017.

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