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Rustici Software team hangout meeting

Ready and psyched to work here? Awesome. Know that if you don’t see a position open that you identify with, it doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear from you. We’re always interested in meeting great people so reach out to us and let us know why you belong at Rustici Software.

An open letter from Tammy

Tammy Rutherford Managing Director Rustici Software

Our MD, Tammy Rutherford, wrote an Open Letter to prospective employees. The letter talks about what it’s like to work here, describes an ideal Rustici Software employee and gives a few tips on how to apply for a job. If you want to know what sets us apart from other companies, we’d recommend checking it out.

Rustici Software ping pong

What’s it like working at Rustici Software?

The key to working at Rustici Software is to engage.

Don’t just wait for things to happen, make them happen. The people who are most successful here seek problems and solve them.

Don’t accept that the way we do things today is the right way. Question us. Your fresh eyes and experience provide you with a unique perspective. Use it. Sometimes our peculiarities drive our success. Other times, they hold us back.

Rustici staff in a meeting

Why do you show up to work every day?

We show up to work because it provides a chance to actively be of service to each other and live up to one another’s expectations. We show up to collaboratively solve problems in an elegant fashion. We show up to greet everyone we meet with empathy and a bit of panache.

Part of being a great place to work is the camaraderie that comes from jointly giving our all to solve hard problems. We focus on the quality of our work and the constant drive to improve as much as the fun we have when we aren’t working, and we have a lot of fun.

What do employees have to say?

You don’t just have to take it from us, the marketers (and developers and executives) who have written this website. You can take it from our employees.

  • Jim Ingram

    “It’s an opportunity to be around incredible people who choose to share a part of themselves each week.”

  • Tammy Rutherford

    “The thing that really sold me on Rustici was that they hire smart people and let them do their thing. And we all learn from each other every day.”

Benefits and Jenafits

Rustici Software benefits jenafits

In addition to offering awesome benefits (health, vision, dental, life insurance) we also offer Jenafits. Jenafits takes away the burden of daily household chores and errands to lighten our load, ensuring we have the energy to do great work and live full lives outside the office.

Fun things we do

Rustici Software field day

We enjoy working with each other on a daily basis but we also do a lot of fun, unique things together. Whether heading to Top Golf or having a cook out on the back porch, we take time to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company.

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