A quick overview of cmi5

cmi5 was co-developed by Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative (ADL) and the Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee (AICC) but received a lot of help from the AICC working group and others in the xAPI community. The scope of cmi5 is precise and aimed to define how to handle xAPI activities in launched scenarios, like playing a course in an LMS.

Why use cmi5?

When xAPI was introduced, it became evident that launching xAPI activities from an LMS was an early and prevalent use case. But the standard lacked definition or communication protocols between a launching system (LMS) and the xAPI activity. The cmi5 specification fills that gap by providing the necessary rules to handle all of the behaviors associated with launching content that the xAPI standard does not define.

Products we make that support cmi5

To encourage adoption of cmi5 and to help companies and vendors realize the benefits of embracing this new spec, we have added cmi5 support to each of our products.

  • Rustici Engine

    In the same way Engine supports the ability to import, launch and track SCORM and AICC packages, Rustici Engine also includes support for cmi5. Using Rustici Engine, your LMS or learning platform can import, launch and track cmi5-packaged content.

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  • Rustici Driver

    With Rustici Driver, your authoring tool or content library can now also publish content as cmi5 packages with minimal effort. Driver includes a single set of function calls that allow you to easily publish content to AICC, SCORM, or cmi5 specifications, while Rustici Driver handles the proper communication methods for each standard.

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  • Rustici Cross Domain

    Rustici Cross Domain (RXD) allows you host content on your servers and send proxy cmi5, SCORM, AICC and xAPI course packages for your client to upload in their cmi5-compliant LMS.

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  • Content Controller

    With Content Controller, you can import cmi5 courses alongside SCORM, AICC, xAPI, MP4 and PDF content managed in one centralized location. This provides you with visibility and control of course versions, handle any standards compatibility issues and disable course access when distributing eLearning to clients.

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  • SCORM Cloud

    SCORM Cloud is a great tool for testing your cmi5 launched activities as well as delivering and tracking cmi5-enabled content. Use the web interface or integrate SCORM Cloud with your application via our API, which allows you to add eLearning standards support to your platform.

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Questions about cmi5?

If you have questions about cmi5, we’re here to help. Ask us anything. We really mean it.