Who we can help

This is a selection of various learning systems we support, but we also work with LCMSs, micro-learning applications, sales enablement systems, payroll systems and more.

  • LMSs

    You’re creating a traditional LMS or learning management application and need to make sure your customers can import, launch and track standards-based courses.

  • Organizations

    You’re building a custom training platform for your organization and need to play eLearning content that your team builds with authoring tools or buys off-the-shelf.

  • HR platforms

    Your human resources platform (whether an HCM, TMS or payroll system) has a learning module that requires you to support the standards.

  • LXPs

    You’ve created a learning experience platform and now need to make sure that your clients can bring in and play their own standards-based content.

  • Gamification platforms

    You’ve created a unique learning platform your customers love and want to use for all of their training, including existing, possibly compliance-based, eLearning courses.

The benefits of using Rustici Software’s player

If you’re trying to ensure your platform is compliant with SCORM, xAPI, cmi5, LTI and AICC, you could build it yourself or you could work with us. The benefits listed below share why you want to work with us.

  • Save development time

    It’s estimated that adding support for all the standards will take 2-3 years. After the initial build, you must consider the time required for ongoing maintenance. Using our player, you’ll save time on setup and ongoing support, so your developers can focus on their most important work.

  • Support all the standards

    An ideal eLearning standards-based player includes support for all the standards, not just SCORM. Work with us and you’ll add support for SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, xAPI, cmi5, LTI 1.1, LTI 1.3 and AICC. As an added bonus, our player also handles MP4, MP3 and PDF files and URLs.

  • Provide a better mobile experience

    Our player solutions are responsive, so your platform automatically adjusts based on the launching device. Mobile friendly here you come.

  • Ensure your player is inclusive

    Our player makes it easier to support 508 compliance. The modern player has an accessible keyboard navigation and easily cooperates with screen readers.

Select the player that’s right for you

We have two options when it comes to adding standards-based compliance to your LMS or learning platform.

  • Rustici Engine

    Rustici Engine integrates with your application via API calls to seamlessly add standards support to your existing eLearning application. If you’d prefer to let us handle hosting, we can offload hosting through managed hosting services. If you’d like to deploy on-premise, you can do that too.

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  • SCORM Cloud

    Integrate with SCORM Cloud’s API to add a hosted version of our standards player to your application to support playing SCORM, xAPI, cmi5 and AICC. Since SCORM Cloud is a SaaS application, you can get started with a free trial to experiment today. Going forward, you’ll “pay as you go” and only for what you need.

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See our SCORM and xAPI player in action

We’ve helped many LMSs and eLearning software applications become SCORM, xAPI, cmi5 and AICC compliant. Learn how.

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Want to play eLearning content but still have questions? Ask us anything.

We’re here to help when it comes to making sense of the eLearning standards and identifying how to best solve your challenges.