Who we help

We help lots of different applications get started with xAPI. In addition to the ones included below, we also support HCMSs, TMSs, LCMSs, micro-learning applications and more.

  • LMSs

    Our solutions allow you to add an ADL-conformant LRS to your LMS, ensuring you truly support xAPI.

  • Learning analytics platforms

    If you’re creating an enterprise reporting application, you need an ADL-conformant LRS as the backbone of your system.

  • Custom learning applications

    If you’re an organization or government agency building your own eLearning application, use our LRS to offload development.

  • LXPs

    We’ll ensure your application includes an LRS so you can support xAPI. Our solutions also make it easier for you to send data between other learning applications.

  • Gamification platforms

    If your application generates xAPI statements, you need somewhere to collect them. We’re here to help.

The benefits of using Rustici Software’s solutions

If you require an ADL-conformant LRS, you can build it yourself or work with us. Here’s why you want to work with us.

  • Stay up to date with the evolution of xAPI

    In order to guarantee you continually conform to ADL’s requirements, you’ll need to update your LRS as the eLearning standard evolves. Work with us and we’ll monitor the evolution on your behalf, and make updates accordingly.

  • Forward xAPI statements to other applications

    Our solutions include statement forwarding, so that you can connect your application to other LRSs. Use statement forwarding to create roll-up reports or send xAPI statements to your customer’s preferred system.

  • Accept xAPI statements from anywhere

    xAPI allows you and your customers to connect multiple applications. Our LRS ensures you can accept xAPI statements from other sources.

  • Enjoy our delightful support team

    xAPI is still a new and evolving standard. We know – we’ve been there through its evolution. Our support team is here for you if and when you have questions.

Select the xAPI LRS that’s right for you

  • Rustici LRS

    If you’re building a learning analytics platform, LMS, LXP or other custom eLearning application, Rustici LRS is a great fit for you. Rustici LRS is an on-premise, integratable, ADL-conformant learning record store that receives, stores and returns xAPI statements. Rustici LRS is hosted on your servers or let us privately host it for you.

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  • SCORM Cloud LRS

    The SCORM Cloud application includes an integratable, hosted learning record store that allows you to set up multiple activity providers, forward statements to other LRSs and query xAPI statements. SCORM Cloud is a SaaS application hosted on our servers. Integrate it with your existing application or log in to Cloud to manage your LRS alongside our larger application.

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Have questions about collecting xAPI statements?

Whether you have general questions about xAPI or are trying to identify which solution is right for you, we can help.