Products we make that support LTI

We make it easy for technology suppliers and institutions to add support for LTI to their product or platform.

  • Rustici Engine

    Rustici Engine is a content player that integrates into your LMS or learning system to handle the import and launch of standardized eLearning content. Rustici Engine will soon be an LTI tool consumer allowing you to import LTI links by configuring a URL, key, and secret to allow data exchanges for basic results, assignment and grade services.

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  • Content Controller

    Content Controller lets you centrally host, manage, and distribute eLearning courses. Log in to the application to easily upload content, manage course versions, enforce licenses, capture course analytics, and share content with clients as a BLTI tool provider. In our upcoming release of Content Controller, we’re adding support for sharing content as LTI v1.3 resource links.

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  • SCORM Cloud Dispatch

    SCORM Cloud Dispatch helps you deliver content to other learning systems while hosting your content in your SCORM Cloud account. The dispatch package becomes the LTI tool to ensure your course can play in any LMS, seamlessly update the new version of a course in multiple LMSs, disable course access when a license expires, and consolidate data about content usage across learning platforms.

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  • Rustici Dispatch

    Rustici Dispatch connects with your application via an API. It allows you to share eLearning content from your platform to other learning applications as an LTI tool provider. If you already manage your courses with a custom application or if you’re adding eLearning content management to your proprietary platform, Dispatch is a good fit for you.

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Learn more about LTI

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Questions about LTI?

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