Features and benefits of Rustici LRS

  • Meet the letter of the xAPI standard continually

    Rustici LRS ensures ADL conformance immediately and is updated as the standard evolves. This means you never have to worry about keeping up with the evolution of xAPI.

  • Use multi-tenant databases

    You can set up tenants with a single database, individual databases or a mix. Assign a unique database to large tenants with special requirements or share one database for multiple smaller tenants.

  • Intercept and refuse xAPI statements

    You control which statements are saved in your LRS. Ensure reporting is a straightforward affair by establishing a desired structure and enforcing guidelines for content vendors.

  • Forward statements to other LRSs

    Connect your LRS to others using statement forwarding. Roll up reporting from multiple LRSs in your learning analytics platform or forward statements from your LMS to a customer’s LRS.

  • Trigger events based on statements received

    Allow your platform to assess incoming xAPI statements and programatically trigger events based on configurable criteria.

  • Rest assured with our continued support

    Our delightful support team, developers and xAPI experts will be there throughout the integration process and ongoing maintenance of your Rustici LRS.

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