Share access to your courses without giving them away

Whether training content is your primary business or you provide content to customers as a service to a larger product offering, you likely spend a good deal of time and energy delivering your courses individually to each client LMS. Keeping up with updates, tracking license compliance and understanding usage is difficult. Fear not – we can help.

Our solutions allow you to manage your training content from a single location and easily share access to your courses with third-party systems. Think of it as a hub-and-spoke model: the course is the hub and each system is a spoke, which has the ability to direct learners to your course. Rather than bringing your content to each learner, this solution allows learners to come to your courses. Our solutions allow you to manage SCORM, xAPI, cmi5, AICC, MP4 and PDF content and share files with LMSs as SCORM, cmi5, AICC and/or LTI.

Centrally hosting your courses helps you streamline course administration across multiple systems, making it easier to release, manage and understand what happens to your training.

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The benefits of centrally hosting your courses

  • Ensure up-to-date content

    Make sure your customers always have the latest version of your course – seamlessly. By managing your content in one single location, you’re able to guarantee control over which version learners access, reducing the cost and risk associated with inaccurate content.

  • Improve course license management and control access

    Not only do you have control over who can access your intellectual property, you can also protect recurring revenue by turning off access to a course when a license expires or a subscription is met.

  • Decrease administrative burdens

    Keeping up with which customers have which versions of a course is nearly impossible. Plus, the burden of managing different versions rests with your customers, who have to update new versions in their LMS. Our solutions reduce the administrative time required of you both.

  • Make strategic decisions using meaningful analytics

    Real-time, sharable reports and question-level analytics let you see who uses your courses and how. Analytics are essential for helping you create better content and correlate content to broader business trends, like an influx of support tickets.

How can our course distribution solutions help you?

  • Content publishers

    Your time creating awesome eLearning courses has paid off but keeping up with versions, tracking license compliance and understanding usage is nearly impossible. Our solutions solve these core problems to help you create and sell even better content and reach a broader audience.

  • Product managers

    Providing product training is essential to serving your customers, ensuring your product is properly used and protecting you from liability. In many cases, your customers want to be able to deliver your product training alongside their other learning content. We’ll help you deliver training to customers in their preferred environment. Plus, we’ll help you ensure the latest version of a course is always available, decreasing admin time spent and reducing support tickets.

Select the eLearning delivery solution that’s right for you

Our products help you centrally host your courses so you can maintain control. Whether you want to use a web-based application or you want our software to power your existing application via an API, we’re here to help.

  • Content Controller

    Content Controller is an application that helps you centrally host, manage and distribute SCORM, xAPI, cmi5, AICC, MP4 and PDF content. Log in to the application to upload and organize courses, set up and manage customer access and report on usage.

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  • Rustici Dispatch

    Rustici Dispatch connects with your application via an API. If you already manage your courses with a custom application or if you’re adding eLearning content management to your proprietary platform, Dispatch is a good fit for you.

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  • Rustici Cross Domain

    Rustici Cross Domain is a perfect fit if you create and distribute non-standardized, dynamically generated eLearning content. Focus on creating great online training experiences and we’ll take care of delivering it to third-party systems and LMSs.

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Learn more about content distribution solutions

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Ready to learn more?

We’d love to talk with you about how we can help centrally manage your courses in able to regain control.

It was one of those things like death and taxes. You’re just going to have to pay your dues and do it a certain way. And then this came along and gave us the opportunity to solve two or three very challenging problems in a way that was much more satisfactory to our customers, helps us understand and protect our content and its usage, and allows the frequent and consistent updates required by our industry and customers.

Dan deBeaubien, Director of the SANS Institute