Humentum uses SCORM Cloud Dispatch to deliver their catalog of over 1,000 courses to social sector organizations across the globe, no matter their desired learning platform or far-to-reach location. Since 2010, Humentum has delivered more than 32,000 dispatch packages to more than 34,000 learners across 34 different systems.

The challenge

Humentum provides compliance, financial management, program management and people development training to social sector organizations across the globe, helping their more than 350 non-profit members increase the skill level of their employees and increase the impact of their programs. Initially, Humentum only offered a hosted LMS to administer their courseware. However, as their customer base grew, they encountered more members with additional needs, which led them to require their use of their own LMS solution, rather than the Humentum platform. For those organizations, which make up about a third of their customer base, Humentum needed a way to deliver their course library while still controlling course access and reporting.

SCORM Cloud Dispatch has been an invaluable tool for us, enabling us to maintain control of our intellectual property while allowing our members to make independent decisions about the LMS that best suits their needs.

Ross Coxon, Director of Learning Collaborative at Humentum

The solution

SCORM Cloud Dispatch allows Humentum to distribute their catalog of over 1,000 courses to organizations to their preferred platform. With SCORM Cloud, Humentum can provide clients dispatch packages of their courses, which the member agency uploads to their chosen LMS and uses like any other course file. When a learner launches the course from the LMS, SCORM Cloud Dispatch plays the original course file on SCORM Cloud’s servers. This allows Humentum to maintain control of their content: they can update course files easily in one centralized location, turn off course access when membership expires and track course usage within the SCORM Cloud reporting system.

Delivering content reliably, without down time

Dispatch helps Humentum deliver training to people in some of the hardest to reach places in the world. In environments where access to business learning is hard to find, SCORM Cloud helps Humentum ensure that training is available and accessible when and how an organization’s learners need it, no matter the platform. This is particularly true given the fact that SCORM Cloud utilizes a Content Distribution Network (CDN), Amazon CloudFront.

Maintaining control of content

With SCORM Cloud Dispatch, Humentum doesn’t have to compromise between freedom and control. They have administrative control over their courses, easily updating new course versions and turning off course access if a membership ends. When content needs to be updated, Humentum simply updates the course version in SCORM Cloud and their members instantly have access to the latest version.

Uncovering in-depth usage reports

Humentum uses SCORM Cloud reports to monitor usage across every LMS (both their member and their own) in one place. Cloud’s reports allow them to identify how many learners are taking courses, track completions, see question-level details and more, ultimately helping them make informed business decisions regarding their course library. Now they can see which courses are used most frequently and which are most effective.

The results

SCORM Cloud allows Humentum to be LMS-agnostic and required little-to-no programming time by Humentum or their member agencies. Since 2010, SCORM Cloud Dispatch has helped Humentum deliver 32,118 total dispatch packages to 34 different systems, all while retaining control of their content.

SCORM Cloud Dispatch allows our staff to access courses on Humentum Learning Services portal in a quick and seamless manner. Course progress and completions are updated in real time in our enterprise LMS, providing an excellent and consistent end user experience.

Leslie Blanton, Senior Learning Manager at Catholic Relief Services, a Humentum client

Mercy Corps currently has over 700 courses available to Mercy Corps team members as a result of Humentum’s partnership with SCORM Cloud Dispatch. With so many courses, the primary value to our organization is not having to update and maintain these courses directly on our LMS. Once the shell of a course is installed, the course files are maintained by Humentum, which helps us to save time and resources on maintenance costs.

Trevor Hunt, Learning Technology Manager at Mercy Corps, a Humentum client

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