LTI Certified products

Our products are LTI Certified and Data Privacy Certified by 1EdTech. We are proud to be recognized for our high standards of quality in how our products use your data and how our products work with the LTI standard. Our software solutions make it easy to add LTI support to learning platforms, content and tools. These certifications recognize our commitment to creating highly interoperable and integrated solutions for our customers across our product family.

  • Rustici Engine

    Rustici Engine allows you to import, play and track eLearning content in your LMS. Engine supports both LTI 1.1 and LTI 1.3 and can enable your LMS to become an LTI Platform. Import LTI links by configuring a URL, key, and secret to allow data exchanges for basic results, assignments and grade services. LTI tools pass scores and completion status back to your LMS.

    Add LTI to your LMS
  • Content Controller

    Content Controller is an application that lets you centrally host, maintain, and distribute your learning content with third-party systems. Using Content Controller, you can seamlessly manage course versions across multiple LMSs, enforce licenses, and capture course analytics. Share courses as SCORM 3rd and 4th Editions, AICC, LTI 1.1 and LTI 1.3. 

    Connect with LTI
  • Rustici Dispatch

    Rustici Dispatch integrates with your application via an API. It allows you to share eLearning content from your platform to other learning applications as an LTI Tool. If you already manage your courses with a custom application or if you’re adding eLearning content management to your proprietary platform, Dispatch is a good fit for you.

    Deliver with LTI
  • SCORM Cloud Dispatch

    SCORM Cloud Dispatch is a SaaS solution that helps you deliver content to other learning systems while hosting your content in SCORM Cloud. The dispatch becomes the LTI Tool to ensure your course (regardless of the standard) can play in any LTI Platform. 

    Use LTI as a tool or platform
  • SCORM Cloud API

    Developers use the SCORM Cloud API to handle importing, launching and tracking standards-based content within their applications. Now, you can use the SCORM Cloud API as an LTI 1.3 Platform to import an LTI 1.3 tool from another source into your SCORM Cloud application.

    Use LTI with the API


  • Compatible across all platforms

    Bridge the gap in standards support across systems even if you have courses in one standard and a system that supports another.

  • Built-in reporting functionality

    Consolidate all of your learning data, no matter the standard, so you can easily create reports and gain insights to make strategic decisions.

  • Improve learner experience

    Test and configure your courseware in one place and ensure the same learner experience regardless of the system.

  • Keep personal details secure

    Our products are secure, private, and GDPR Compliant. Customers rest easy knowing we keep student information anonymous.

CLO Intersection of higher ed and corporate training

Where higher learning meets corporate training

At Rustici Software, we know a partnership between higher education and corporations will lead to a more skilled workforce. We connect these two systems so learners can be successful in the classroom and on the job. In this article from Chief Learning Officer, our Managing Director Tammy Rutherford explains the opportunities in bridging these systems.

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Here's how Genius SIS used SCORM Cloud API to help higher-ed clients provide courses for non-degree learners

Genius SIS is a student information system and training management system provider that schools, colleges, corporations, and government entities use to provide online education and certification for their users. Launched in 2003, Genius SIS began as a front-end solution for virtual schools, giving them a way to generate transcripts, student lists, and manage the tracking and reporting alongside their existing LMS platforms.

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Blackboard case study Rustici Engine

See how Blackboard delivered a comprehensive learning experience with Rustici Engine

Blackboard recognized a need to provide a more comprehensive and reliable way to deliver SCORM content in their Learn platform. Using Rustici Engine, Blackboard offered the most reliable SCORM player available to their customers and includes best-in-class support for handling eLearning standards.

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