Genius SIS is a student information system and training management system provider that schools, colleges, corporations, and government entities use to provide online education and certification for their users. Trusted by over 170 organizations and supporting over 1.2 million learners worldwide, Genius SIS offers software, database, and customization services to design custom training and learning solutions to improve their clients’ operations and drive growth.

The challenge

Launched in 2003, Genius SIS began as a front-end solution for virtual schools, giving them a way to generate transcripts, student lists, and manage the tracking and reporting alongside their existing LMS platforms. Since then, Genius SIS has been the go-to solution for corporate and government clients that needed a platform to support learning management content but didn’t have any front-end systems in place. These organizations were starting from scratch using paper and spreadsheets to manage learning content, so they really needed a full solution that supported courses, catalogs, payments, etc. Genius SIS’s partnerships with LMS platforms transformed its previous K-12 solution into an enterprise LMS model.

But Genius SIS saw opportunities being left on the table. They didn’t have a solution that could support a growing market of smaller organizations and schools that didn’t have their own LMS and needed a quick-to-implement, cost-effective solution. “Genius + SCORM Cloud came from a need to support smaller clients who need to implement mandatory training—they just want to get it out there, have their learners take it, and be done with it,” said Joe Favero, VP of Client Services at Genius SIS.

The solution

Using SCORM Cloud—and more specifically, the SCORM Cloud API—Genius SIS now has an easy-to-use and cost-effective learning solution for smaller companies and schools that may not have their own LMS and need to facilitate training and certification to their users.

The SCORM Cloud API allows clients to quickly and easily upload their SCORM packages into Genius SIS anytime they’re managing training courses. As soon as they’re uploaded, learners can self-register and pay for training, giving them immediate access to the eLearning content. Learner data like grades, completions, and activity are available in the Genius platform and can now be used in dashboards and reports in the client’s learning ecosystem.

Genius integrates its platform with SCORM Cloud natively through the API, so its customers never have to leave the Genius SIS platform. “They’ll log in to create courses in our catalog, select the SCORM option, upload their files, and Genius SIS takes care of the rest,” says Joe.

Through the integration with SCORM Cloud API, Genius SIS can now:

Reach a brand new segment of customers
Genius SIS + SCORM Cloud API offers a turnkey training solution with flexible pricing that is a more competitive product, allowing them to reach an audience they weren’t able to previously.

Support more types of content
Whether it’s off the shelf or custom-created content, customers can now deliver a wider variety of training—from ethics, sexual harassment, and security awareness to compliance courses—to their learners via the Genius SIS platform.

Provide a solution for customers without an LMS
The integration with Genius SIS and SCORM Cloud can either act as a lightweight solution for customers who don’t have an LMS or replace an existing LMS that’s too difficult or cumbersome.

The benefits

Easy to use: Many LMSs require multiple clicks just to hit play on a course. With the SCORM Cloud API integration, learners can easily launch courses directly from the Genius platform. SCORM Cloud provides the ease and responsiveness Genius SIS clients need.

Speedy implementation: The SCORM Cloud API integration is Genius SIS’s quickest time-to-market training management solution. Clients are up and running on a fully tested integration within one month of signing their contract.

Seamless user experience: Genius SIS recognizes the value of giving learners the easiest way to get training. With SCORM Cloud, Genius SIS can launch courses anywhere learners are, so they can easily access the training, get certified, and get back to work.

“When the learner logs in and presses play, it just works.”

Joe Favero, VP of Client Services at Genius SIS

The results

Since 2018, Genius SIS has conservatively served well over 100,000 learners in SCORM Cloud, launching over 260 courses so far.

Let’s take a look at one of Genius SIS’s customers, Desired Results Access Project. They facilitate the training and certification for toddler and pre-school teachers within the California Department of Education. Across the state, 9,000 teachers require this certification, which can either be taken online or in-person. 

Before SCORM Cloud was available for Genius SIS, the Desired Results Access Project was having usability issues with their previous LMS—it was too difficult to use, not flexible to their program and needs, and teachers weren’t taking the required certification courses.

Since coming on board with Genius SIS + SCORM Cloud this year, the Desired Results Access Project has enjoyed great success. They have drastically improved utilization of their courses—they’re at 77% utilization, having trained 7,000 of the 9,000 so far. And of those 7,000 learners that have completed the courses, they’re boasting a 95% success rate.


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