Who we help

  • LMS providers

    Ensuring your LMS or learning experience platform supports SCORM, xAPI, cmi5 and AICC is essential to offering a top-tier product. Our LMS software solutions help you play standards-based content.

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  • Content creators

    As an eLearning content creator you need to ensure training complies with eLearning standards like SCORM and xAPI so your customers can play your content in their LMS. We are here to help with that, whether you need to convert content into SCORM packages or you want to better manage your content distribution strategy by enforcing licensing terms and access.

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  • Authoring tools

    Your authoring tool has to support SCORM, AICC, xAPI and cmi5 so that the courses instructional designers create will work properly in their LMS. By helping you implement the standards, our solutions ensure your authoring tool is compatible with the larger eLearning ecosystem.

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  • Organizations

    Having trouble finding the perfect off-the-shelf eLearning product for your company’s specific L&D goals? Whether you’re adding standards support to an in-house eLearning tool, building a platform from scratch or looking to centrally manage your content library across platforms, we can help.

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  • Government agencies

    Our long history of serving government entities, particularly within the Department of Defense, combined with our deep expertise in SCORM and xAPI make us uniquely qualified to address the specific training requirements of federal government agencies.

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Not sure if we offer an eLearning or LMS solution for you?

The best place to start is to ask us. We’ll set you straight. If we don’t have software that you need or we discover that you actually don’t need to worry about SCORM or xAPI (or any other eLearning standard), we’ll tell you that too.