How we serve our customers

  • Empathy

    Our software is responsible to the standards themselves, and we’re responsible to and for our people. We care more about solving a problem than the reason the problem exists. This constructive approach to software, this care, has allowed us to serve companies and community alike. At Rustici Software, we hire for communication skills and empathy in every role.

  • Practicality

    While the standards are detailed and long, more often than not they leave space for interpretations and mistakes. Successful integrations, then, require the consideration of practical matters, like configurations and tolerances that go beyond the minimum requirements.

  • Precision

    The standards are very particular, in both their letter and their interpretation. Getting things to work well together consistently requires attention to detail and willingness to argue over every little decision. We pride ourselves on technical precision and accuracy, to the point that some might call us pedantic. We consider that a badge of honor. We embrace the minute details of the specifications so that our customers don’t have to.

Rustici 2022 group company

About our people

Rustici Software is first and foremost a collection of people who want to work here. This place is remarkable in that Rustici offers many freedoms, ranging from flexible hours and vacation schedules to concierge services. But more than that, Rustici Software is remarkable because everyone here cares more about living up to the expectations of their co-workers than just about anything else.

In order, we prioritize our co-workers’ needs and expectations, our customers’ and prospects’ problems, the business’s market and financial success and then our personal needs. We find people who have remarkable, under-realized skills, and we put them in positions to use them to their fullest.

In our employees and all people, we value and support the whole person, whomever they choose to be. We’re critical of each others’ work, but never each others’ selves. We’re inclusive, and we always will be.

We care a great deal about the work that we do, and the companies that we support.

Meet our team

Providing clarity to common questions

  • How do you say your company name?

    We say our company name like this, but we really don’t care if you say it differently.

    What do Mike Rustici and Watershed have to do with you all?

    Mike Rustici doesn’t actually work here anymore. Back in 2016, we spun off a business called Watershed LRS that builds learning analytics software. They work nearby, they buy software from us, but they get no more attention than any of our other customers.

  • What does LTG have to do with Rustici?

    We’re owned by Learning Technologies Group plc, a publicly traded company based in the U.K. A couple of us talk to them regularly, but most of us continue to do the work we’ve been doing for more than a decade. Because LTG also owns businesses that compete with Rustici Software customers, we passionately maintain our independence and reserve the right to refuse information and opportunities from other Group businesses.

Learn about our history

A meeting with Ryan Pfeiffer, Tammy Rutherford and Joe Donnelly

Mike Rustici founded Rustici Software in 2002 with money from a Crayon piggy bank full of pennies saved from sixth grade. Today, we’re part of international group LTG. Always, we’ve been considered the experts in SCORM and xAPI.

Work for us

Brian Rogers doing work

We built our business to be a place where great people want to be, and that’s exactly what it is. We’ve won a Nashville Best Places to Work award from the Nashville Business Journal ten times. Whether or not we’re actively hiring for an open position, we’re always looking for great people to join our team.

In the news

Reed McLean doing work

Tap into the latest Rustici Software news, all in one central location. Read contributor articles from our subject matter experts, keep up with our awards, and be in-the-know on trending topics in learning technology.

See what we do

Rustici Software at Top Golf

We have to be honest, we do a lot of really fun things together outside of our daily work. The ping pong table is used just about hourly, we have monthly game nights and we take time to celebrate. Throughout the year, you’ll find us anywhere from Top Golf to the local goat yoga studio.

Ask us anything. Really.

Questions about who we are or what we do? You can ask us anything. We really mean it.