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Our history with xAPI: we go way back

xAPI really began in July 2010 when Rustici Software was awarded a BAA from ADL to modernize the SCORM communication framework. The output of that BAA was Project Tin Can, now known throughout the eLearning community as xAPI, shorthand for the Experience API. You might also hear it referred to as the Tin Can API, a nod to the original release.

Project Tin Can was an in-depth research project led by our very own Ben Clark, who gathered feedback from the community on what a modern eLearning standard should look like. The project culminated with the release of Tin Can API .90, which was officially announced in 2012.

Our work with xAPI and the evolution of the standard continues today. When ADL issued a BAA to update DoDI 1322.26 to incorporate xAPI (the instruction that guides the Department of Defense on how to procure eLearning tools), they came to Rustici Software. These days, we are very active with the IEEE LTSC xAPI TAG and ICICLE groups, which are leading the future utilization of xAPI.

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Resources we provide that help you support xAPI

Introducing a new specification and gaining support and adoption from the eLearning community takes a lot of time and lots of dialog. With xAPI, we have not only listened to what people want and hope the spec to be, we have also created resources and tools that help encourage adoption. The majority of our work supporting xAPI can be found at There you can find tons of articles on when, where and how to use xAPI, along with free prototypes and open source xAPI libraries we have developed as a way to give back to the eLearning community. We also offer a free, xAPI-conformant LRS via SCORM Cloud to support your xAPI endeavors.


Products we make that help you support xAPI

All of our software solutions include support for xAPI, so it’s very easy for you to incorporate xAPI into your product or platform. SCORM Engine and SCORM Cloud were the first two LRSs to pass the ADL xAPI LRS conformant test suite, and we continue to evolve our software solutions to match the evolution of xAPI. Here are the most common xAPI uses we see with our software:

  • Rustici Engine

    Rustici Engine (aka SCORM Engine) enables you to launch and track xAPI and cmi5 packages. It also writes xAPI statements directly to the built-in on-premised, ADL-conformant LRS. As an added feature, Engine can also be configured to handle xAPI statements from external learning activity providers.

    Learn more about Rustici Engine
  • Rustici LRS

    Rustici LRS is our on-premised, ADL-conformant, integratable LRS solution that provides the backbone to any xAPI-based application. Rustici LRS offloads all of the xAPI statement handling jobs your application requires.

    Learn more about Rustici LRS
  • Rustici Driver

    Rustici Driver (aka SCORM Driver) is the quickest way to make your authoring tool or content library generate packaged xAPI and cmi5 activities, which can be launched from any LMS that supports xAPI.

    Learn more about Rustici Driver
  • SCORM Cloud

    SCORM Cloud is an application that takes care of all of your eLearning needs, whether you log in to the application online or use the API. Each SCORM Cloud account includes a hosted, ADL-conformant LRS. We also offer free trials.

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Questions about xAPI?

If you have questions about xAPI, we’re here to help. Ask us anything. We really mean it.