Ensure your eLearning content just works

  • Automatically adjust content to the standard of your (customer’s) choosing

    Rustici Driver allows developers to make simple function calls without having to worry about the underlying standards. Adding support for SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, cmi5, xAPI or AICC is now a simple configuration setting. From within your eLearning content, the complexity of the standards is removed so that you can provide support without being a standards-expert. Don’t worry, that’s our job.

  • Enjoy a proven, tested codebase

    Tens of thousands of courses have been delivered using SCORM Driver, now Rustici Driver. The software is constantly evolving to accommodate eLearning standards that change and LMSs that are a little weird. Every time we hear of a new way we could improve Driver, we do so. Whether adding support for a new standard, like cmi5, or simply ensuring our content is compatible with every LMS you encounter, we make sure it just works.

  • Understand and address issues using our debugging tools

    It is impossible to know how every LMS will function. When these situations arise, debugging tools like the Rustici Driver Debug Logs and our SaaS application SCORM Cloud will make sure you’re able to identify the root of your problem or the source if the problem isn’t yours. If you’re still unsure, our support team is there for you and you can ask us anything.

  • Access delightful support

    We’ve been working with the eLearning standards since 2002, which means we have a wealth of knowledge to draw from. We excel at identifying the source of a standards-based problem and providing a solution. Working with the standards is hard, that’s why we’re here to help.

We have enjoyed working with Rustici Software for over a decade. Using Rustici Driver in the dominKnow authoring platform helps us ensure we have the most up to date and highest quality handling when it comes to supporting the eLearning standards. Not having to worry about SCORM lets us focus on delivering an incredible user experience.

Paul Schneider, PhD, SVP Business Development at dominKnow


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