• Deliver and track videos- no LMS required

    With SCORM Cloud you can easily upload videos, share them with learners and track the results. Using the invitations feature lets you share your videos with anyone via a URL or email. SCORM Cloud handles bookmarking to save progress and has built in reporting to let you see the results. Give it a try today using a free trial SCORM Cloud account.

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  • Share MP4 files as SCORM 1.2 packages

    SCORM Cloud Dispatch makes it easy to share videos as SCORM 1.2 files with any LMS. Your videos are hosted, played and tracked in SCORM Cloud, and the dispatch file you create in SCORM Cloud acts as a pointer file back to your video. No need for developers or any other tools. And the best part is that SCORM Cloud provides reports to see how your videos are getting used. Sign up for a free trial account to test it out.

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  • Choose an off-the-shelf authoring tool

    Authoring tools can help you to easily and quickly create eLearning content. Most authoring tools will allow you to create SCORM packages from video content. While Rustici Software does not sell an authoring tool, we work with many of the most popular tools on the market and can share a few of them here.

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