The challenge

The SANS Institute is the global leader in information cyber security training and certification. Their programs help more than 165,000 information security professionals and 6M knowledge workers better defend their systems and networks.

However, SANS’s delivery and management of training content within multiple LMSs was an extremely time consuming, manual effort. Four people spent an average of 600 days per year deploying training in 28 languages to 70 client LMSs. Further, SANS lacked insight into content usage patterns and had a difficult time managing licenses. SANS found that if clients were charged accurately for their learners, revenues could increase annually by an estimated 20%.

It was one of those things like death and taxes. You’re just going to have to pay your dues and do it a certain way. And then this came along and gave us the opportunity to solve two or three very challenging problems in a way that was much more satisfactory to our customers, helps us understand and protect our content and its usage and allows the frequent and consistent updates required by our industry and customers.

Dan deBeaubien, Director of the SANS Institute

The solution

To solve these problems, the SANS Institute uses Content Controller. The new implementation allows SANS to centrally host their content in order to seamlessly deliver the latest, most accurate content and streamline license administration.

The benefits

Version control

Providing up-to-date cyber security information is mission critical. Now, SANS can be certain that the most current version of content is distributed to over 600 clients across 70 LMSs.

License management

SANS can restrict access automatically when license terms are met to protect and increase recurring revenue.

Multilingual support

SANS delivers all 28 language options as one file that is managed within a customer’s LMS as a single course and allows the learner to select their language of preference.

Content analytics

Real-time data of usage across the course library and customer base allow SANS to make strategic business decisions about their subject matter.

The results

The partnership between the SANS Institute and Rustici Software allows SANS to successfully deliver upwards of one million training modules per week that can be easily updated and tracked. Since launching Content Controller, SANS has seen:

  1. A 90% reduction in time spent updating existing content, saving $100,000 in employee costs per year.
  2. A significant increase in revenues by ensuring customers are paying for the right number of learners.
  3. Efficient deployment of 28 languages as a single course.
  4. 70 LMSs across 600 customers supported with the ability to easily deploy to more.

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