Join us at I/ITSEC in 2017

Come join us at I/ITSEC

I/ITSEC is going to be here before we know it! Rustici Software will be exhibiting again this year--booth 413--and are looking forward to heading to Orlando in November. If you’re not familiar with I/ITSEC, it’s an incredible conference that showcases the latest training tools and…

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From BAA to DODI: How we've been involved in xAPI

From BAA to DoDI

Acronym Alert! There will be many referred to in this post. See glossary below for easy reference. Two years ago we answered a BAA from ADL to conduct research for updating the DoDI 1322.26- “Development, Management, and Delivery of Distributed Learning.” Spoiler Alert- ADL accepted…

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How we decide to do work

How We Decide to Do Work

A couple of days ago, I wrote about the state of ADL and Rustici Software’s take on it. One of the real community leaders, Aaron Silvers, then shared his perspective, partially in response. If you read them both, you’ll see some overlap and gaps in…

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cmi5 and Expanded PENS Support in SCORM Engine 2017.1

One thing we love about supporting eLearning standards is that by helping others comply with the specifications that best suit their needs, we get to watch them be more impactful in the space. To that end, we’re happy to include cmi5 and expanded PENS support…

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cmi5 is live in SCORM Cloud

Today we’re excited to announce support for a new specification in SCORM Cloud- cmi5, which is something that doesn’t happen all that often in its history. Along with making cmi5 support readily available in SCORM Cloud, we’ve also added support for cmi5 to some of…

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Pricing xAPI in the Cloud

Several people have been asking us of late how we intend to charge for the Experience API/LRS component of SCORM Cloud. To be candid, we haven’t entirely figured out how we should charge for the standalone LRS capability found in SCORM Cloud. So, our thinking…

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We take it personally

These are busy times at Rustici Software.  Between all of the activity around Tin Can, some new employees, and a bunch of new Engine customers, we have a lot going on.  As part of a recent contract negotiation, I was asked to justify the integration…

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Ever Wanted To Juggle a Tin Can?

We're hiring a Juggler. No, we don't need circus skills, but we do need somebody who can keep a lot of balls in the air. Project Tin Can is generating an enormous amount of opportunity and we need somebody to help us keep moving it…

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So many channels… please don’t miss what you need

There are so many channels now.  Whether we're talking radio, TV, or the web in general, there are so many ways that information is pouring over us. Like many companies, we're doing our best to reach everyone wherever they are... Of late, we've been finding…

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