Rustici blog celebrating our tech superwomen

Celebrating our tech ‘Superwomen’

It’s funny how some memories stick with you. I once toured a company that decorated each floor with a different theme. While I couldn’t tell you what all the themes were, the floor that was the most memorable for me was the one dedicated to…

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Rustici blog our commitment during the COVID-19 outbreak

Our commitment to you during the COVID-19 outbreak

As COVID-19 (the novel coronavirus) continues to impact the global community, we want to take a moment to update you on our business continuity plan and assure you that Rustici Software will continue business as usual. Employee safety first We are monitoring the situation closely…

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Rustici Blog Recycling

In the Bin: Recycling at Rustici Software

Here at Rustici Software, we care just as much about our community as we do our customers. And one of the ways we contribute to the wellness of our community—and the environment—is through our office recycling program.  We’ve had a recycling program in place for…

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Rustici Blog Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesdays for the win

When I began working at Rustici Software this past spring, one of my main goals was to help grow and contribute to our already amazing workplace culture. And that’s what inspired me to develop an initiative that’s now known as #WellnessWednesday. In a nutshell, this…

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Rustici Blog Happy employees create happy customers

How happy employees create happy customers

Last month, I presented to the Nashville Network of Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) and shared how we’ve built a remarkable place to work at Rustici Software and how that leads to providing exceptional service to our customers. While what we have built here has…

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Rustici Blog meeting room names

Our meeting room names in a pinch

Whenever we have visitors at the building, we inevitably get asked the question, “what’s with these figures on your meeting rooms?” What they are referring to are the bright orange humans in strange positions... with even stranger names underneath. If you haven’t had the chance…

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2107 Extended Edition: The Year was In-Tents

Rustici 2017 Extended Edition: The Year Was In-Tents

Each year, we update the History page on our website. It’s a chance to celebrate big company wins and giggle over funny experiences. Since I started working at Rustici Software in April last year, this was my first time helping to update the page. Doing…

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Rustician Spotlight: Sam Cayford

Rustician Spotlight: Sam Cayford

We thought it would be fun and interesting to spotlight some Rusticians and present you an interview-style conversation about what it’s like to work at Rustici Software. We started with Joe Donnelly earlier this year, who is someone that we fondly like to refer to…

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A fridge full of beverages

Magic! (the Whiteboard, not the Gathering)

I’ve previously blogged about what it’s like to keep our office kitchen stocked. The TL;DR version is this: I make multiple trips weekly to Costco and Target and buy a whole lot of LaCroix.   Yes, it’s true that we consume a lot of food…

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An assortment of cupcakes

Benefits and Jenafits and New Hires, Oh My!

Here at Rustici Software, we are really spoiled. Working at a company that continually and intentionally does its best to support and take care of its employees with a benefits package including the following already feels almost too good to be true including 100% paid…

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