Two things drew me to apply to work at Rustici Software: the authenticity of the people and the one-of-a-kind office space. The people definitely came first, as they were highlighted through Rustici’s website and early conversations online. The office was really just a cherry on top, but a truly incredible one at that. I was completely mesmerized by the endless amenities and opportunities for work shenanigans when I first visited the office.

As I approached my first day in March 2020, that excitement held strong. It quickly dissipated when the pandemic hit and everyone shifted to work from home. Suddenly one of the two major appeals of working here was gone. That’s approaching two years ago now, and while my experience here has changed drastically in that time, I consider myself extremely lucky for everything I have experienced here. Here are some of the things Rustici delivers like no one else.

Bringing your whole self to work

People are truly themselves here. I know a lot of people that feel they have to act a certain way while they are at work and that they cannot be themselves. Instead, the focus here is about being the best version of your true self, never pretending to be something you are not. When people are empowered that way, they are comfortable enough to do their best work.

Stemming from that authentic nature is the great helpfulness of everyone that works here. If you have ever worked with our Delight Team, you probably already know how helpful Rusticians can be. This is consistent with internal communications as well. The phrase “there are no dumb questions” certainly applies here. Trust me, I’ve put it to the test more times than I’d like to admit.

Making workplace flexibility work

Perhaps the greatest trait of the culture here is its flexible nature. In Tammy’s open letter, she speaks on the concept of putting in your best 40 hours of work. Nobody is tallying those 40 hours, and they look pretty different depending on what Rustician you are looking at. Some of us prefer mornings, others nights. Others still like to split their days up into various blocks. Bottom line, Rustici recognizes what works best for you is what will ultimately work best for the company.

This flexibility applies on a broader scale as well. As a member of the Army National Guard, there have been times where I have had to miss extended periods of work, some of which were not scheduled ahead of time. The people I work with have always been eager to help me and to pick up my slack when I couldn’t work in full capacity. In turn, that has motivated me to do the same any chance I get. Those special moments happen here quite often.

For those local to the Nashville area, I was finally able to spend some time at the office in recent months after re-opening. I can honestly say it was as great as I imagined it would be. Perhaps even a bit more so since I knew my coworkers. If you find yourself lucky enough to work here, you won’t be disappointed by the endless snacks, office games, quiet work spaces, and so much more.

This week will be my last as a Rustician. There isn’t a better place I could have asked to work for the past year and nine months; it’s just time for me to pursue aspirations I have within the military. I will certainly miss the unique culture here and all the people who make it so special.

Joshua signed up for the Army National Guard at age 17, quickly advanced through his computer science undergrad, and hasn’t stopped since. Joshua is a full-stack software developer for our SCORM Cloud team.