Rustici blog Looking back at 2019: Our year in review

Looking back at an incredible 2019: Our year in review

Looking back on 2019, I can’t express enough how proud I am of all of the folks at Rustici Software and the work we accomplished. It’s been a pretty exciting year in a number of ways. Our company Early this year, we began to shift…

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Rustici Blog Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesdays for the win

When I began working at Rustici Software this past spring, one of my main goals was to help grow and contribute to our already amazing workplace culture. And that’s what inspired me to develop an initiative that’s now known as #WellnessWednesday. In a nutshell, this…

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Our three principles for planning social events

Recently, a colleague at one of our LTG sister companies reached out to me directly for advice on providing great cultural and social activities to employees. They had recently been given a dedicated budget to social activities and were struggling to come up with ideas…

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Reminiscing over 2018 as we step into 2019

I was reminiscing over the year (it’s been a big year) and I began looking at old Christmas letters for inspiration on how to best distill down a very busy year at Rustici Software. The best Christmas letters have a way of highlighting important moments…

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Why we meet twice a year as a whole company

About twice a year we have “Quell,” a time where our whole company gets together to share what different groups are working on, discuss important updates on what’s going on in the back office, and spend time outside of the office together. Over time we’ve…

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2107 Extended Edition: The Year was In-Tents

Rustici 2017 Extended Edition: The Year Was In-Tents

Each year, we update the History page on our website. It’s a chance to celebrate big company wins and giggle over funny experiences. Since I started working at Rustici Software in April last year, this was my first time helping to update the page. Doing…

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Thanksmas 2017 was In-Tents

Thanksmas was in-tents!

It’s been a week since our annual Thanksmas (Thanksgiving + Christmas, or what we affectionately call our end-of-year holiday party) celebration, and I’m finally caught up on lost sleep and neglected work and have the drink refrigerator restocked (that poor thing took a big hit…

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Rustici's Cinco de Mayo Family Meal

2017 Family Meal Recap

What does a pirate ship, Pikachu and a piñata have in common? Aside from the fact that they all start with the letter P, they are also all things found at various Family Meals at Rustici Software this year! You may recall that we kicked off a…

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Rustice staff playing an Escape Game

"You guys are really smart."

As a small (but growing) software company, we have to be picky when it comes to the people that we hire. We need people that can work independently without much direction, that can work quickly and wonderfully with a group, and that know when to…

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Rustici staff enjoying a day of paintball

Sun’s Out, Guns Out

There’s a running joke around the office about sunshine and Ervin’s arms. Basically, if the sun is visible, so are his "guns" (arms). It just so happens that in addition to Ervin’s arms, we had some actual guns out on Monday, too. As our quarterly…

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rustici default blog image

Who are you people?

Last week we had our first quarterly quell of 2014. It was one of the most interesting weeks I’ve had in a very long time––and that’s saying a lot (I live an eccentric life). Generally when people think of company-wide meetings, their first instinct is…

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