Rustici's Cinco de Mayo Family Meal

2017 Family Meal Recap

What does a pirate ship, Pikachu and a piñata have in common? Aside from the fact that they all start with the letter P, they are also all things found at various Family Meals at Rustici Software this year! You may recall that we kicked off a…

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Rustici staff in a crow pose

Nerd Yoga

When I started working as the Client Implementation Manager for the Watershed LRS side of Rustici Software, I would have never guessed I would be spending an hour a week collectively demonstrating proper alignment for a Warrior I stance or coaching colleagues on how to…

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The Final Spot

I’m thrilled that, for the sixth year in a row, we have been recognized as one of Nashville’s Best Places to Work. We’ve received a lot of awards over the years, but this is the one that I care most about, that award that recognizes…

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A man holding many car keys

Clean Cars, Clean Plates, and Clean Slates.

You might have heard that we like to take care of our employees by offering them things that most employers wouldn’t ever consider providing, and most employees wouldn’t dream of receiving. Well, we did it again. This young man, Beau, washed and detailed all of…

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A dumbbell icon and a wifi icon

Our Jenafits say a lot about us

The Jenafits that you pick at Rustici Software can be pretty telling. My Jenafits profile is "Wellness + Internet." It's no secret that I like to run, bike and swim — A LOT. So, when I heard that there was a Wellness Jenafit that can…

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It’s official…Jenafits are here.

I like to take care of people. It's in my blood. I like to think that being "southern" has a lot to do with it, but most likely it comes from watching my mom take care of everyone I knew growing up. It just comes…

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Benefits a la Rustici Software

Have you heard we're hiring?  'Cause we are, and I think you might want to work here. In the process of our interviews and the emails I exchange with people, I've tried to give a short explanation of our benefits, and I've failed every time.…

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