At Rustici Software, we try to set up an environment where our people can do great work. However, we also want to create opportunities for our people to do extraordinary things outside of work. This is why our Jenafits program includes options for hotel and airline gift cards. Over the years, our Rusticians have taken advantage of these gift cards and have taken some trips worth mentioning.

Kyle: Taking great family vacations

Kyle Patmor has been at Rustici Software for awhile and he’s become a pro when it comes to traveling with his Jenafits.

On the way to a friend’s wedding, Kyle and his family made a detour for Charlottesville, where they used the day to tour around and visit Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello home.

kyle charlottesville trip

For Thanksgiving, Kyle used his gift cards to take the family to D.C., where they visited every monument and museum there was to see.

kyle washington trip

During his kids’ spring break, the family traveled to Atlanta, where they visited an aquarium, as well as one of the biggest authentic Indian shopping centers in the U.S.

kyle atlanta trip

For his kids’ fall break, Kyle surprised the family with a trip to Chicago, where they stayed in the heart of downtown. Within just a weekend, the family packed in shows, museums and even a cruise on Lake Michigan.

kyle chicago trip

However, the biggest trip is yet to come. Next year, Kyle and his wife hope to use his Jenafits to visit their family and his wife’s hometown in Sri Lanka. The city holds a special place in their hearts as Kyle lived and taught there for a decade, he and his wife met there, and they raised both of their kids there. This trip will mean visiting friends and family that they haven’t seen in years. It will be a great way to make for not only Kyle, but for his wife and children.

Taking it to the slopes

Tara and her husband are serious skiers. They got engaged in Vail and honeymooned in Banff. It’s no surprise her eyes lit up when she learned about the possibility of using Jenafits to support ski trips.

Last year, Tara and her husband used her Jenafits gift cards to ski down the slopes of Breckenridge in Colorado, Stowe in Vermont and Heavenly in California.

Traveling through my first year of marriage

Last but not least, I’ve certainly enjoyed my Jenafits gift cards! This year, my husband and I were married and celebrated our thirtieth birthdays.

Our tale of traveling started with a joint birthday celebration in my hometown of Atlanta. Between staying in the luxurious Four Seasons hotel downtown and picking up my wedding dress, the weekend was certainly memorable.

But Atlanta was just the beginning. This summer, we jetted off to an island in France for a friend’s wedding. But with available Jenafits gift cards to use, we decided to splurge and spend an evening in Paris on the way down. Not only was the hotel breathtaking, it was also just down the street from where I lived for a month after college graduation.

kirsty paris trip kirsty paris tripkirsty paris trip

Our tale of traveling continued this past weekend, but this time our destination was much closer to home. We enjoyed a staycation at Opryland, where we got to see the lights, rest before the busy holidays and, best of all, enjoy the new indoor waterpark.

So why Jenafits?

We don’t want to be a company that keeps its employees from being with their families or one that keeps them from making memories. We want to be the company that helps them get there and make those memories.

We want to help our extraordinary people do extraordinary things.

You can read more about our Jenafits and perks of working at Rustici here.