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What the heck are Jenafits?

Right? We decided to up the ante when it comes to the benefits we offer here at Rustici Software. The people that work here are the engine behind Rustici Software and we want to keep the group of amazingly talented individuals who work here (and those who come) around for as long as we can.

Here’s how it works: in addition to your regular ol’ benefits (health, vision, dental, life) we have a benefits program we lovingly call “Jenafits.” Jenafits helps everyone produce awesome work while they are here and have full lives outside of the office by taking away the burden of daily household chores and errands. Jenafits also ensures our office environment is incredibly pleasant, providing us with great food in the kitchen, a gym in our common room and “just because” special treats.

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Rustici Software Jenafits

Jenafits includes concierge services, a fully stocked kitchen, special treats that make every day delightful and a point-based perk system.

  • Points for perks

    Each employee receives a set number of points each quarter to spend on company-paid for perks including (but not limited to):

    • House cleaning
    • Plants
    • Meal assistance
    • Spa access
    • Fitness memberships
    • Travel (airline, hotel and rideshare)
  • Concierge services

    If that weren’t enough, Jenafits includes concierge services to take the hassle out of our daily lives. These include (but aren’t limited to):

    • Errand running (dry cleaning, library returns, gift buying, etc.)
    • DMV/emissions testing
    • Auto care (arranging appointments for oil changes and tire rotations, on-site detailing)
    • Travel arrangements
    • Reservations and recommendations
  • Extra fun things

    To make our lives even more delightful, office perks also include things like:

    • In-office gym with a Peloton bike, row machine, yoga mats and weights
    • A fully stocked kitchen
    • A Magic Whiteboard for kitchen or office requests
    • Planned social events like game night, dodgeball, test kitchen competitions and TopGolf
    • Ice cream social on a hot day or pizza on a Friday

Why do you do it?

Tammy Rutherford playing golf

All of the great benefits aren’t accidental. Rustici Software is designed to be a place that puts its people first. It’s not entirely altruistic; it’s also good business sense. As a software company, we believe our people are our most important (and perhaps only) asset. To attract and retain great people, we truly believe, requires great benefits.

Where does the name come from?

Rustici Software benefits magic whiteboard

Jenafits was the brainchild of Jena Garrett. When Jena worked at Rustici Software, she had dreams of providing a better way to take care of our people and that manifested in Jenafits. Over the years, Jenafits has evolved based on those of us in the office, each employee adding a unique spin to the benefits program, whether a gym, regular ice cream runs or something else that helps motivate us.