Rustici blog Content Controller comes full circle at DevLearn

Content Controller comes full circle at DevLearn

We’re back and recovered from our week in Vegas attending DevLearn 2022. We brought an all-star team across support, sales, engineering, product and marketing to learn more about our customers and the industry. With so much going on between the sessions, expo floor conversations, networking…

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Rustici blog We gathered for our first user summit

We gathered for our first user summit

Last week we had a pretty major event here at Rustici - our first ever user summit. Inspired by one of our favorite pastimes, we landed on calling it Rustici: The Gathering. Given this was our first time out and that our customers live in…

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Software bugs are no laughing matter

We ain’t afraid of no bugs! While software bugs aren’t anything to joke about, we do run into some that cause us to chuckle. Without trying to make our awesome development team feel bad (we all make mistakes!) here’s an example of a bug we’ve…

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SCORM support with Rustici Engine: A no-brainer

From my office cheerfully decorated in pom pom garland and whiteboard plastered with a color-coded system of sticky notes to my occasional “hanitizer” slip-up, it’s pretty obvious around the Rustici office that I used to be an elementary school teacher. One of my favorite aspects…

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