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What is this eLearning content package? Down the rabbit hole

We’re often asked a lot of questions at Rustici ranging from “what is SCORM” to very technical Engine integrations questions. One I was a little surprised to hear being asked in our “office hallways” (aka Slack messages) and beyond is “What is a package?” Turns…

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The Five Pillars of learning standards blog

What makes up a learning standard? The Five Pillars

I’ve worked in the learning standards space for a long while now, and over the last 12 years I’ve often been asked “What even is a learning standard?” and “What makes up a learning standard?” Let’s face it, if you’re asking those questions you’re probably…

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Image of Cameron Gray and Chris Tompkins

Always keeping up with eLearning standards: My trip to I/ITSEC 2023

Two weeks ago, having barely digested our Thanksgiving meals, Chris Tompkins, Brian Miller, and I attended I/ITSEC 2023 in Orlando. If you are not familiar, I/ITSEC stands for Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference and caters largely to the US Department of Defense, federal contractors,…

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Rustici Software blog A Word(le) about 2021

A Word(le) about 2021

Like many out there, Wordle has become part of my daily morning ritual. A cup of coffee and a quick brainstorm to find the perfect starting word hoping that it delivers some helpful clues to landing on the wordle of the day is what you…

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Rustici blog - We launched CATAPULT A giant step forward for cmi5

We launched CATAPULT: A giant step forward for cmi5

One year ago, we kicked off a project with ADL to develop tools and resources to help accelerate the adoption of cmi5, and ultimately xAPI, within both the DoD and across the industry as a whole. We even came up with a catchy acronym- Project…

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Rustici blog behind the scenes best of lists

Behind the scenes of the industry’s “Best of” lists

Prior to 2020, my personal end-of-year “Best of” lists typically consisted of films, music, video games… that type of thing. Then came 2020, ‘rona, and quarantine and my lists changed dramatically. Now I’m ranking things like my best sourdough loaf, my best homemade pizza, my…

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