One of the things that made me really interested in – and why I ultimately decided to work at – Rustici Software was the commitment to being empathetic to each other, delighting our customers and answering anyone’s question, anytime. Even if that question happens to be “Is a grilled cheese sandwich drenched in tomato soup still a sandwich or does it become a soup at some point?”

And over my three years here, I’ve seen time and again that those aren’t just values on a homepage but active and ongoing discussions. We praise each other’s successes in a #weekly-wins Slack channel, and we have a #customerquotes channel dedicated to sharing feedback about how our products and team help our customers and the eLearning community.

Since today is Valentine’s Day, we could heart-ly contain our excitement about sharing the love from our customers and those we’ve helped.

Times the delight team stole their hearts

“BOOOOOOOM, that worked perfectly, Joe. Thanks so MUCH, this is SUPER helpful to know that this can be achieved :)” – Just a Joe Fan

Yeah, Joe’s da bomb!

“Matt has been an invaluable resource, answering all our questions as they come in.” – Matt’s the Man

“Dude! Ryan D. is the man and helped me out in a pinch! Promote Ryan D. and give him a raise. Thanks a million to Ryan Donnelly!” – Ryan’s Really Rad

“Amazing response! Quick, professional and well explained, 2 thumbs up to Joshua!” – Amazed by Joshua

“I’ve always thought your company had a thousand people working there. I’m shocked you’re able to do what you do with 50 people. Your support team is better than any I’ve worked with, I figured it would be an army. Nolan is a fantastic support person.” – No Way it’s Just Nolan

“Amazing! Thank you so much for your help, Noah. Our engineering team was able to identify the root cause of the issue and solve it thanks to you!” – Noah’s Knowledge Knows No Bounds

“The Rustici team is amazing. They’re so easy to work with, very smart, and give us great answers quickly. This makes it so easy for us to recommend your solution to our Leadership. Kyle and his team are some of the best we’ve worked with.” – Kyle’s the Kind You Want to Work With

Honestly, we think our delight and support team is pretty great, too.

Will you be our Valentine?

“Thanks, man. I will send my sister to you so you marry her. Best regards.” – eLearning Cupid

“Let us know if there is anything we can do in return for going above and beyond in this instance, whether that’s a testimonial, sending along a bottle of something, whatever would be of interest!” – Youda Best

Is an animal mask for Andy a weird request to reply with here?

“I would like to buy lunch for the support engineers and whoever else as an expression of our gratitude. Do you all have a favorite place?” – Lunch Is Our Love Language

Or here?

“DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for pointing that out to me! This really made life easier for me!” – A+ Service, Mate

“Our team is so grateful for the support and patience. You are a gentleman and scholar!” – An Adoring Chap

“I contact you guys first because you are so quick to respond. Our IT…not so much.” – Joe Knows Best

The perfect product match

“Thank you again for your time today, Andy. I’ve been to many vendor pitches and evaluations over the years, and I was very impressed with how straightforward, clear and concise the information you provided us was.” – You’re Aces, Andy

“When we found Content Controller, we were like ‘Thank Heavens!’ because so much of our work strains our capacity. There isn’t often a simplistic solution, and we are always piece-mealing, but Content Controller takes a lot of the manual work out of it.” – More Time for Content

Awww, writing this blog brought me back to elementary school days when we couldn’t wait to share and compare our Valentine’s Day cards with friends, complete with reading those cute little candy hearts.

We truly heart all of our customers and friends in the eLearning community. And know we say all the kind words about you, too, behind the scenes. We wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!

The Rustici Software Team

Alicia is our content marketing manager who captivates audiences by providing comic relief to the eLearning standards. She wrote the cmi5 Best Practices Guide and writes about eLearning in presentations, blogs and articles regularly. Every year, she volunteers as a reporter for the Daily Dragon and is often found volunteering at a therapeutic equestrian center.