What does a pirate ship, Pikachu and a piñata have in common? Aside from the fact that they all start with the letter P, they are also all things found at various Family Meals at Rustici Software this year!

You may recall that we kicked off a new cultural event called Family Meal back in January. If you aren’t familiar with it or need a refresher on what this event is all about, click over to my original post about it here.

With just a few months remaining in 2017 (what?!), I thought it would be a good time to do a recap on the meals we’ve enjoyed so far this year and give you a peak into some of the fun themes I’ve created for this event. 

In January, we kicked off the event with simple decor and lots of flowers. We explained the concept and ate pizza and cupcakes. In February, we sailed off with a pirates themed meal and, of course, ate mediterranean food. 

We enjoyed a Pokémon (well, technically it was Joekimon… it’s kind of a long story. Maybe we’ll share it on the blog someday!) themed meal in April,  with custom Vanilla Crumb sugar cookies (and they were delicious!)

In June, we had a belated Cinco De Mayo party (we were only off by a month, but who’s counting?) and enjoyed an outdoor Family Meal on our deck on a gorgeous summer day. Most recently we had our August event, an indoor picnic, minus the heat and humidity, but not without wispy clouds, blue skies, sunshine and some ants trying to steal any crumbs they could find. 🙂

There are only two Family Meals left on the calendar for 2017. Any guesses as to what fun ideas I have up my sleeve for our last two remaining events??