Have you heard we’re hiring?  ‘Cause we are, and I think you might want to work here.

In the process of our interviews and the emails I exchange with people, I’ve tried to give a short explanation of our benefits, and I’ve failed every time.  So, instead, I’m going to lay out our current benefits, as of January 2011, and just send a link to people!  Also, I thought y’all might like to see that there are companies out there that really do have good benefits…

Note: I’m going to post this publicly, at which point the people who work here will read it and tell me what I’ve misstated.  Please don’t take this as gospel.  But I think it’s pretty close.

Health Care

  • Our primary plan is an HSA.  We really like the concept of an HSA, and the fact that the lower cost allows us to offer some of the other benefits.  I’ll lay out some key points for you, but you’re welcome to ask for details if you like.
    • Our plan is through Blue Cross Blue Shield of TN, and is the P plan.
    • For single people, doubles, or families, we pay the full premium for the HSA.
    • The deductible (which has to be high for an HSA) is $2500 (max) per individual and $5000 for a family.
    • We contribute $125 every month to each employee’s HSA account.
    • If any employee exceeds $1500 in insurable expenses during the year, we have an HRA that kicks in for the next $1000.  That means that a single person has a $0 exposure in a year that they work here full time.
    • The max exposure for a family is $2500 out of pocket, and there are plenty of occasions where they come out well ahead of this.  (In 2010, my family came out ~$750 ahead.)
  • This year, we offered an alternate plan wherein families that were uncomfortable with the HSA setup could opt for a more traditional PPO plan.  The premiums we pay for the HSA plan were simply applied across to the PPO and the remaining cost was passed on to the family.


  • We pay for dental care for families that want it.  Our coverage is through Guardian, and it’s called DentalGuard Preferred.
  • It doesn’t include orthodontia, but remember, you can pay for your kids’ braces out of your HSA.


  • We pay for vision care for families as well.  Our coverage is again through Guardian, and it’s called the Davis Vision plan.
  • I’m told that you can get glasses or contacts through it, but you have to be sure to go to the right place and stuff.  Never tried it though.


  • We pay for this too.  You get 60% of your monthly income, provided you meet the requirements found in the big pile of paper.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

  • Yes.  We provide $25,000 worth, and there are piles of paper that explain the parameters.

Life Insurance

  • See AD&D above.  $25,000 worth, and even more paper.


  • Yes, even though we’re a small company, we do offer 401k benefits.
  • Both traditional and ROTH options are available, with a collection of investment options.
  • We do match, at 100% up to 4% of you salary.


  • It’s pretty loose, honestly.  We don’t count the days you’re here.  If you’re taking so much vacation that we notice, you probably aren’t the right person for the job.
  • If you’re the kind of person who likes parameters and guidelines, 5 weeks out of the office over the course of the year might seem about right, but that would include the partial days, the full days, whatever you’re doing.
  • Again, though, I don’t count days, and I won’t count days.  Be awesome, be part of what we’re doing, and we’ll never notice.

“Profit Sharing”

  • Yup, we share in the profits.  Of late, we’ve been taking 20 – 25% of the profits and distributing them amongst the people who work here based on the quality of their work.
  • [Note: Added this bullet after publication when Jean yelled at me.] This is not a formal profit sharing plan (or so our HR department/office mom tells me).  We give bonuses, and they are based on our profitability and the respective performance of the people who work here.
  • This serves as all the more reason to be awesome.

These things are subject to change, of course.  So, if you’re reading this post in 2014 assuming it’s all fact, be sure to ask.

Tim is the chief innovation and product officer with our parent company LTG, though he used to be CEO here at Rustici Software. If you’re looking for a plainspoken answer to a standards-based question, or to just play an inane game, Tim is your person.