You might have heard that we like to take care of our employees by offering them things that most employers wouldn’t ever consider providing, and most employees wouldn’t dream of receiving.

beau jenafits car wash

Well, we did it again. This young man, Beau, washed and detailed all of our cars this week, courtesy of Rustici Software and Jenafits.
Why this week? This is a big week for us here at Rustici Software — it’s Quell Week.

Quell week happens once per quarter for us. It’s a time where the entire company gets together and decides how the last quarter went, and what will happen in the following quarter. There’s a lot of food (hence the clean plate part of the blog title), and usually, a lot of change (hence, the clean slate part of the title.) Teams might be rearranged, developers might be assigned to new projects, or new teams could coalesce to meet emerging needs.

The change that Quell brings is one of the things that keeps our company fresh, on its toes, and progressing. This is definitely not a place where anyone gets stuck doing the same thing, day after day.

“I fear change”…you’ve heard it before. We don’t fear it, because it’s how we keep the company on course with our ever-changing industry, and we do this better and faster than most companies (I speak from experience).

Another reason not to fear change? Having a spotless and squeaky clean car is nice, for once. 🙂