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Rustice staff playing an Escape Game

"You guys are really smart."

As a small (but growing) software company, we have to be picky when it comes to the people that we hire. We need people that can work independently without much direction, that can work quickly and wonderfully with a group, and that know when to…

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A small airplane with "Spirit of Rustici Software" written on the nose

The Spirit of Rustici Software

I make it my personal mission to meet a lot of people in Nashville. People in my profession (marketing) and people in our industry (the tech industry.) Upwards of 4-5 new people each week. I like hearing other people’s career stories, and I just like…

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Andrew Downes

Announcing: Andrew Downes

We have an ethos about Tin Can API (xAPI) community adoption here at Rustici Software: “A rising tide lifts all boats.” We realize the power of the Tin Can API to revolutionize the e-learning, training, and HR industries. It’s already happening, and we want that…

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Award logo for Gold Brandon Hall Group Excellence 2014

We won two Grammys! Brandon Hall Awards 2014

Well, not really, but it’s the closest thing that the e-learning industry has to offer in the area of “prestigious awards for doing awesome things”. The Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards Program is the most prestigious awards program in the e-learning industry, and was the…

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We won two Grammys!

Well, not really, but it’s the closest thing that the e-learning industry has to offer in the area of “prestigious awards for doing awesome things”. (more…)

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Offline SCORM, it’s not just for mobile anymore!

A while back, we introduced some new software development kits that work with mobile apps and SCORM Engine to allow you deliver and track SCORM content from your mobile app—even when it’s offline. We’ve just taken it a step further, with a new SDK that…

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This is a big deal for content vendors.

We love finding ways to use technology to make things better and easier, and we’ve done it again! SCORM Cloud has a pretty nifty feature called Dispatch. It lets you remain in control of your content by doing some pretty clever behind-the-scenes things, and more…

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A few of our favorite things…

There’s something that we like to do here at Rustici Software — make life easier by solving problems with software. This time around, it’s solving some Tin Can (xAPI) problems in SCORM Engine and SCORM Cloud. SCORM Engine and SCORM Cloud have been updated to…

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A white book

A first for us

“Bravo. You are in the select company of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies”. That’s what was written on the front of the big folder that Mike handed to me last week, the folder that Inc Magazine sent to us, letting us know that we made the INC…

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Chris Tompkins having fun in a pit full of foam

I’ve never seen anything like this…

Continuing with the fun of Quell Week, we spent yesterday afternoon at Sky High Sports. We bounced around on a massive trampoline, played dodge ball, and got to dive into large pits full of foam (it was just as entertaining to watch people try to…

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A man holding many car keys

Clean Cars, Clean Plates, and Clean Slates.

You might have heard that we like to take care of our employees by offering them things that most employers wouldn’t ever consider providing, and most employees wouldn’t dream of receiving. Well, we did it again. This young man, Beau, washed and detailed all of…

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