We love finding ways to use technology to make things better and easier, and we’ve done it again!

SCORM Cloud has a pretty nifty feature called Dispatch. It lets you remain in control of your content by doing some pretty clever behind-the-scenes things, and more control over your content is awesome!

Well, we’ve decided to add Dispatch to SCORM Engine (the Web Services version of it, at least.)

This is a big deal for content vendors.

Dispatch lets you manage all of your content in one place, but allows you more distribution. No more handing your valuable content packages off to clients—now you can manage them all from one place.

What other kinds of things does it let you do?

  • Update your content in your Engine-powered LMS, and everybody that has your content will automatically receive the update.
  • Play your content through any LMS, while keeping it on your own servers.
  • Cut off access to your content for clients that aren’t paying their bills.
  • Track how often clients are accessing your content.
  • Delivering your content as a Dispatch means that it’s using the best SCORM player in the known universe.
  • You can play SCORM 2004 courses and Tin Can API packages in a SCORM 1.2 LMS.

People have been doing these things for years in SCORM Cloud, except for one important part: playing content on any LMS while keeping it on their own servers. Using SCORM Cloud, the content is hosted on our servers. That’s no longer a limitation using SCORM Engine and Dispatch.

If you want to learn more about using Dispatch with SCORM Engine, get in touch. You know we love talking about this stuff.