I make it my personal mission to meet a lot of people in Nashville. People in my profession (marketing) and people in our industry (the tech industry.) Upwards of 4-5 new people each week. I like hearing other people’s career stories, and I just like meeting new people.

It’s inevitable that people will ask about Rustici Software. I’ve always had a good explanation of what our company does, and I can tell people about our amazing benefits, Jenafits, and give 500 reasons why we’ve won the “Nashville’s Best Places To Work” award for 6 years in a row.

What’s difficult to explain is the spirit of Rustici Software—the general feelings that we all have for work, for each other, and for the company.

The Spirit of Rustici Software
Over the years, I’ve developed a story that I tell people, and I think it sums up the spirit of Rustici Software—it’s about lunch.

I’ve worked at six different companies over the course of my career. Lunch at most of them is the same…sit at your desk and eat lunch alone, or grab a friend and get the heck out of the office.

Things are different here. We have our big pong room where we eat lunch…together. If people go out for food, they get it “to-go” and bring it back to the office to eat with everybody else. We don’t feel the need to get away from the office, because it’s an amazing place, and we like being here. We like spending time with our co-workers, because our co-workers are also our good friends.

It’s a great place to work for a lot of reasons, but the spirit of Rustici Software is in our founders and our people—our respect for each other, our friendships, and our pickiness about the people that we let join our family.