There are many organizations that have multiple LMSs, and many of them have the same problem—they wish they had just one LMS, with all of their data in one place.

With Watershed LRS and SCORM Engine (or SCORM Cloud), we now have an easy solution for this, and it works for SCORM and Tin Can courses. It doesn’t even require any custom integration work.

SCORM Engine (the best SCORM conformance available) is now capable of using Dispatch, and that’s one of the things that makes this possible. You can now use SCORM Engine as your SCORM and Tin Can package player, use Dispatch to play courses in any (or all) of your LMSs, and have the learning data all come back to one central location (while still recording learning data in each LMS, too).

Which central location? Watershed LRS (the flagship LRS from the company that wrote the original draft of the Tin Can API, us!) has a beautiful visualization layer. It’s a great interface that allows for many different types of data reporting and visualizations. It works with “the big 4” that SCORM handles (completion, success, score, and total time), but it also works with all of the types of data that the Tin Can API enables us to use.

See the diagram for how the flow of the data works, and let us know if you want to learn more about consolidating all of your different LMSs data into one place.