I believe that we create such great products because we have an amazing company, not the other way around.

We talk a lot about SCORM, the Tin Can API, and the products that we make. We know these things well, and we enjoy talking to the world about them.

What we don’t talk about a lot (and this is changing) is who Rustici Software is and what it’s like to work here.

We make excellent products that do a great job at solving difficult problems, but behind our products are our people and our culture. We have some of the smartest people on Earth here, and we are one of the best places to work, period.

We built this new website to let the world know about what it’s like to work here. This site isn’t about our products, it’s about our company. It’s about how things are done at Rustici Software, and it’s designed to let you know what work should be like.

rustici software homepage

This new site started as some of Jena’s sketches, and it ended as a brand new site.

My favorite page of the new site is what I call the “Testimonials” page, where we all have a place to say why we like working here.

See photos of the things we do, learn who we are, see why you want to work with us (don’t forget to check out Jenafits), and check out our company blog.

I hope that you can glimpse of what life should be like on our new company homepage, RusticiSoftware.com.