What do our employees think about working here?


    I've known Tim and Mike (the owners of Rustici Software) a long time. We all worked together at a different company. Mike and Tim left to start Rustici Software, but we stayed in touch. I really enjoyed watching what they were building, and not so secretly, I wanted to be a part of it. I messaged Tim quite a bit, letting him know that I would be willing to start out by being their cleaning service. I told him I wouldn’t need a desk. I even told him I would use my own computer.

    Eventually, they gave in.

    I’ve been at Rustici for just over 5 years. I’ve said in the past, when interviewing at other companies, that I felt like I had just done my last job interview. When I sat with Tim and Mike the first time, I knew it.

    I love the independence to do my work when and where I please. I’ve worked at other jobs in the past where if “your butt is not in the seat at the office, you obviously aren't working”. This has been a nice change of pace...there are days where working from the house works better for me.

    If you asked me 3 years ago, I would say my favorite lunchtime game was darts...a year ago, probably pong. Now it is Magic (The Gathering). Some things change, but working here has always been great.


    A little over a month ago I joined the Rustici team.

    I am a slow judge of character, but one thing is clear — the people here are real.

    The lack of the typical office pretenses allows us be ourselves and to do excellent work. The organizational structure is fairly flat, which negates any need to try to step on anyone to climb up the org chart. “Dress for success” or “dress for the position you want, not the position you have”, you can forget those pretenses too. The owners wear t-shirts and shorts most of the time (and sometimes they have shoes on too). Here, you just need to remember to “be excellent”, and you will fit right in.

    Most "cool" workplaces offer benefits like a ping-pong table, lax vacation policies, free food, and all of those nice things, as a carrot. The catch is that by offering those “cool” things, they expect more hours of work out of you. Here, the perks are just there because they make your work life (and home life) better, and it is the right thing to do. As I said, I’m slow to judge, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that at Rustici Software, that’s just how it’s done.

    All of the other employees have said great things about Rustici Software, and it must sound unreal. It seems impossible to really have this nice of a place, this great of a company, and this amount of amazing people under one roof. But, this is, hands down, the best place that I’ve ever worked.


    Many companies tout a commitment to core values or display an elaborately overworked mission statement — but it's rare when you see a company truly walk the talk. Where Rustici Software stands out is that our work environment and how people are treated is a visible thing — from the daily pong tournaments to the final hour sprint to finish a project. It's not just a mission statement posted somewhere. It's baked into our culture (and the cookies that come with it).

    When I first met with Mike and Tim, the thing that really sold me on Rustici was that they hire smart people and let them do their thing. And we all learn from each other every day. I welcomed the chance to work with talented folks that know their stuff and manage to have fun while doing great work. They don't just talk the talk — they really embrace the mindset that work hard and play hard can coexist — and great things happen when you apply this formula.


    "That's so Rustici."

    For someone personally-beholden to proper grammar, using a noun for an adjective is obnoxious. And yet, even after only working here two months, I find it hard to resist employing this sin-against-English to capture the special sauce that is Rustici Software.

    What is “Rustici”? It’s dreaming big to capture worthwhile goals. It’s boundless creativity and peer respect. It’s hard work and daily ping pong practice. It’s freedom and empowerment to do your finest work, courtesy of first-class #jenafits worthy of emulation by industry leaders. It’s learning from intelligent, deep discussions with coworkers who have a diverse spectrum of interests and extensive knowledge bases. It’s feeling like you’re home on the first day of work, and eagerness to do your best because you actually have the chance to make a real contribution.

    So, yeah. If something captures the strange, wonderful magic of the unconventional essence of Rustici Software, I can’t resist. “That’s so Rustici.”


    I've worked at a few different places that called themselves "flexible." Nothing compares to my time at Rustici. I've got the freedom to be myself, manage life, and do my best work. Everyone pulls their weight. It's so refreshing to be surrounded by smart, hard-working team members. Long live Rustici Software!


    A few years ago, my good friend Jeff Horne was hired on as the Marketer in Chief here at Rustici Software. At the time, I was really happy for him. I didn't know anything about Rustici, personally, but I was glad that my friend was gainfully employed. This all changed on his second day. He started posting work pictures on his Facebook wall. First, a pic from a disc golf outing. Then a few days later it was a bowling and beer outing. Fast forward two weeks, he shares a picture of a pizza and beer lunch... 7 days later he posts another shot from the disc golf course. "What is this place?" I found myself yelling at my monitor... and how do I get a job there?!?

    One year later, a position opened up at Rustici that I thought I'd be a good fit for, and I went for it. I didn't know anything about SCORM or this new Tin Can thing, but I studied my ass off, and I got the job! From Jeff's Facebook pics, and subsequent conversations with him, I knew Rustici had to be a great place to work. But the pics only tell half of the story. That half is that we have a ton of fun here. We all love coming to work everyday. The other half is that everyone here is super smart, and all work incredibly hard (though we’re not overworked.) Prior to joining Rustici, I thought this would be an exceptional place to work — now there's no doubt about it!