We are Rustici Software.

Maybe you’ve heard of us, maybe not. If you know someone that works here, then you’ve heard a LOT about us. Many of us have learned the hard way that sharing what it’s like to work here with our friends can incite feelings of jealousy, and sometimes even anger.

We love our company. We enjoy the work that we do, and we work with some of the smartest people in Nashville. Everyone that works here is great at what they do, not just good. That’s on purpose.

We look forward to Sunday nights, because that means we get to come back to work the next morning. Really — we feel this way.

We have fun. Ping pong is a big deal here, as is enjoying life in general. Lake day, company parties, birthday ice cream celebrations, trampoline dodge ball, Jenafits, etc. A lot of companies claim to be “fun” places to work — but we actually deliver.

At Rustici Software, we have many freedoms. We want our employees to have lives outside of work. We want you to leave early to go see your kids play soccer. We don’t have a vacation policy, but we toss “5 weeks” around as a general estimate. We don’t track vacation days.

We take care of our people. We have excellent benefits, and if we don’t offer something that you want, just ask for it.

We also have Jenafits. We really have to be careful who we talk to about Jenafits. When our friends learn that our company takes care of cleaning our houses, doing our laundry, changing the oil in our cars, home lawn care, etc., the reactions are mixed except for one commonality: “Are you hiring?