We ain’t afraid of no bugs! Well, this group isn’t at least. It’s time to meet our quality assurance team.

“To tell somebody that he is wrong is called criticism. To do so officially is called testing.”
-Lara Abdurazak

Our professional bug hunters spend their days scouring each application looking for the slightest hint of anything awry. They work closely with the Rustici Engine, SCORM Cloud and Content Controller product teams to create and run tests and plans for all sorts of “what if” scenarios, like zombie apocalypse contingencies (not sure whether they’re creating the scenario or planning for one in this case).

During the average day, you’ll find the QA team:

  • Adding hot sauce to almost all foods.
  • Taking advantage of the in-office Peloton bike.
  • Crushing it at Crokinole and ping pong.
  • Looking through a magnifying glass, eyeing the code for any sign of a bug.
  • Enjoying the outdoors and nature every chance they get.
  • Traveling back in time.

It takes a special someone to work on the QA team. They need the right proportions of a puzzle master, a love for “spot the difference” games and a heaping helping of kindness to let others know that something in their work is a little off or to suggest a change that might result in the next big thing. Now, let’s meet our intrepid bug hunters!
Image of Luke Wiedeman - Software Test Jedi

Luke Wiedeman – Software Test Jedi

Luke Bughunter is Rustici’s resident Jedi master and uses the force to lead the QA team. Luke puts his mind tricking skills to good use by piecing together all the parts of a new fix or feature to ensure everything is free of bugs and works nicely for our customers. He’s looking forward to adding automated UI tests to Engine’s Player using Playwright and eventually going on the annual ski trip to Hoth.

“I enjoy the puzzle of looking at a bug fix or new feature and figuring out what types of tests should be done to make sure we fixed the problem we set out to solve.”

Image of Lara Abdurazak - Bug Finder

Lara Abdurazak – Bug Finder

Lara is a quality assurance engineer who specializes in only the spiciest of bugs. Or maybe that only applies to her favorite foods (the hotter the better). Lara loves contributing to improving the quality of Rustici products and enjoys finding and eliminating glitches before they’re ever released. Outside of the office, you can find her exploring and photographing museums, libraries or parks with her little one.

“Finding bugs in someone else’s work is really challenging. It’s searching for a needle in a haystack before it pricks someone else, but it’s fun.”

Image of Natalia Bearden - Software WD-40

Natalia Bearden – Software WD-40

Natalia’s always been a “helper” with the desire to elevate her peers’ work to the next level. This year, she’s excited to help put our best product forward so customers will experience them in the delightful way they were dreamed up. While Natalia might not really be a bucket list planner, she and her husband are currently cleaning up the forest around her PNW home to host campers and festivals.

“I love following hunches and diving into rabbit holes. I’m finding my niche and bringing tangible help to the team and the products.”

What you need to know about the team:

We’re not saying Rusticians are food motivated or anything, but between the fully stocked office kitchen, the magic whiteboard that conjures up our favorite snacks and Thursday’s burrito train on Slack, we do get to know each other’s favorite treats.

Information about the QA team, including coffee and Chipotle orders

If working alongside the QA team as a developer sounds like something you’d enjoy, check out all of our openings. Or read our Joel Test answers to get an inside look on what it’s like to work as a software developer at Rustici.

Alicia is our content marketing manager who captivates audiences by providing comic relief to the eLearning standards. She wrote the cmi5 Best Practices Guide and writes about eLearning in presentations, blogs and articles regularly. Every year, she volunteers as a reporter for the Daily Dragon and is often found volunteering at a therapeutic equestrian center.