A Rustici intern balancing a paper cup on his head

Thanks Rustici Software

A Full Fun Summer It’s been a summer full of work, fun, food, and friendship. Many ping pong battles have been fought, cries of agony and celebration over code, and slow enjoyable summer nights hanging out after work. It hasn't just been a summer job,…

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Rustici staff at the May 2015 Cookout

Everybody’s Special

A lot of my time is spent on calls talking to people about Tin Can. Sometimes the person I'm speaking to is just interested in Tin Can generally or wants some advice, and other times they are interested in finding out more about one of…

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A couple of Rustici interns doing work on their laptops

The Intern Life at Rustici Software

The Rustici Software internship is more than just a summer job. Our weeks aren't just days filled with boring busywork. From Monday to Friday we are doing work that counts, as well gaining more knowledge everyday. From the moment we step in the office in…

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Award logo for Top Work Places

Circles of Tolerance

If you'd like to download a pretty PDF version of this blog, click here. Summary: Organizations often stifle behavior to reduce interpersonal conflict, thereby creating a sterile, uncreative, lifeless work environment. Interpersonal conflict caused by varied personalities is a real problem as organizations grow. The…

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Rustici Staff Members

Tip Tap Trio

They say the best things in life come in threes, and I tend to agree. The best times in my life are marked by three separate but equally exciting events. In 2010, I graduated college, moved to Nashville and got my first real job here…

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Rustice staff playing an Escape Game

"You guys are really smart."

As a small (but growing) software company, we have to be picky when it comes to the people that we hire. We need people that can work independently without much direction, that can work quickly and wonderfully with a group, and that know when to…

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A small airplane with "Spirit of Rustici Software" written on the nose

The Spirit of Rustici Software

I make it my personal mission to meet a lot of people in Nashville. People in my profession (marketing) and people in our industry (the tech industry.) Upwards of 4-5 new people each week. I like hearing other people’s career stories, and I just like…

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rustici default blog image

Leaders Eat Last

Read any survey on employee satisfaction and a positive culture will rank in the top three. Money, benefits, the actual work itself; these things are important. But most people want a great place to work and culture to go with it. When it comes to…

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Andrew Downes

Announcing: Andrew Downes

We have an ethos about Tin Can API (xAPI) community adoption here at Rustici Software: “A rising tide lifts all boats.” We realize the power of the Tin Can API to revolutionize the e-learning, training, and HR industries. It’s already happening, and we want that…

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Rustici staff in a crow pose

Nerd Yoga

When I started working as the Client Implementation Manager for the Watershed LRS side of Rustici Software, I would have never guessed I would be spending an hour a week collectively demonstrating proper alignment for a Warrior I stance or coaching colleagues on how to…

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A heart with the word "work" in the middle

How to Succeed in a New Job

It’s not easy being the new guy at work—especially during the first few months when the environment is new and the products are unfamiliar. So how do you make the best of your integration time? Before you think about building a 90 day plan and…

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Rustici interns sat at a table doing work on their laptops

Making Code, Not Coffee: The interns are here!

In April, we sent out a survey to see what Tin Can tools the community wants us to build. To help us out, we’ve hired four interns who’ll build some of the tools that were voted on. Our four new members, Chris, Jake, Nolan, and…

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