Each year, we update the History page on our website. It’s a chance to celebrate big company wins and giggle over funny experiences. Since I started working at Rustici Software in April last year, this was my first time helping to update the page. Doing so reminded me of two things. The first is how successful our year has been. The second is how much I love working here.
Because there was SO much to include, we have gathered up the outtakes below. We’d be darned if we didn’t talk about goat yoga when we talked about 2017.


But before I get into the details of everything we’ve done, I want to provide some personal context. These successes are reflective of something that is really unique to Rustici Software. We work really hard and we have a really great time doing it. We are not a typical “work hard play hard” kind of company. We’re a “let’s enjoy working with each other however we can” kind of company. That means that for me, launching Engine 2017.1 is just as engaging, inspiring and fun as going to goat yoga. So without further ado, the outtakes…


What we made


How we celebrated


Wait there’s more…

Want to read about the highlights of the year (includes Thanksmas, a new UI for SCORM Cloud and a big win for xAPI)? Find them on the Rustici Software History page.