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SCORM Cloud takes care of all your eLearning needs, helping you test, play and distribute training. At the center of the application for many users sits SCORM Cloud Invitations, an easy way to quickly deliver training to learners and track the results. Sometimes that’s all you need.

After uploading your courses to Cloud, you can either publish a link to post anywhere you like or send emails to learners directly from SCORM Cloud. Once your learners complete your course, you can use Cloud to track completion and results based on individual users and learner groups. Plus, SCORM Cloud comes with our much-loved content testing and debugging tools to make sure your content works before you send it out into the world.

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There are two types of Invitations in SCORM Cloud

  • Public Invitations

    Connect learners anywhere to your content, it’s as simple as linking to courses from any website or sharing a link directly with a learner. The Public Invitations feature in SCORM Cloud lets you generate a link to your training. Then, anyone with access to that link can register in SCORM Cloud to take the course.

    Learn how to use Public Invitations
  • Private Invitations

    With Private Invitations you control who accesses your training content. Upload training to SCORM Cloud and use Private Invitations to email your courses directly to learners with a unique link for each specific learner.

    Learn how to use Private Invitations
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