Why you’ll love the free SCORM Cloud LRS

  • Ensure xAPI conformance

    Since SCORM Cloud has passed the ADL LRS Test Suite, you know you’re using a current, up-to-date LRS. Integrating SCORM Cloud with your product can ensure your product will also pass the ADL LRS test suite.

  • Build a proof of concept

    Use SCORM Cloud LRS to see and test xAPI statements from your xAPI activities or build out an xAPI proof of concept. If you’re not yet sure how to use xAPI in your organization, SCORM Cloud is a great place to experiment and see what works.

  • Add xAPI support to existing systems

    The SCORM Cloud LRS can help you turn eLearning platforms like LMSs into destinations that handle requests for all types of xAPI data including statements, activity state and profiles.

  • Accept xAPI statements from any source

    Whether you want to capture xAPI statements that initiate from online activities or capture learning data that happens in person, the SCORM Cloud LRS can handle it. You decide which xAPI activity providers can send statements to your SCORM Cloud LRS account.

  • Import and launch xAPI and cmi5 content

    In addition to an LRS, SCORM Cloud includes a content player that supports xAPI, cmi5, SCORM and AICC. Plus, Cloud converts new and old SCORM and AICC registration data into xAPI statements stored in your SCORM Cloud LRS alongside other xAPI data.

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Ready to get started sending and capturing xAPI statements? Awesome. SCORM Cloud is free to try so you can begin experimenting with the SCORM Cloud LRS and xAPI today.

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