The first mile vs the last mile

We thrive on solving hard problems that others would prefer to avoid. Historically, that has centered around the complexities of supporting eLearning standards. We have been steadfast in helping eLearning platforms and content play well together so that our customers can focus on the other hard problems to solve – providing effective and impactful learning and training experiences.

We’re the first mile of the learning journey. Our products handle the tedious details that come with supporting eLearning standards to make it easy to import, launch and track learning and training content. Standards support lays a great foundation for a learning application, but what sits on top of that is what matters most to end users and learners. Where our customers go from there is the last mile. We’re happy to help with the heavy lifting that comes with that first mile and let them focus on what happens next.

In keeping with that spirit, we took a hard look at what our products do to see what opportunities AI presents to help build on that foundational first mile. We didn’t want to just use AI to say “AI is in our products!”. Instead, we took a thoughtful approach to identify if and where AI would make sense in the context of our software solutions and what would best serve our customers.

Where did we land?

Enabling that personalized learning experience starts with the learning content itself. And working with the content you have is the first step, which is where we come in. Helping our customers handle content is what we do every day. We’re taking it up a notch with a new AI-powered service to help you make better use of your content and support the other AI-enabled features we expect our customers to offer in their products.

Introducing Rustici Generator

Content libraries can often become quite large, making it difficult to know what you really have inside of your course catalog. Our first AI-driven application, Rustici Generator, is a content processor that will parse or deconstruct eLearning content to help you and your customers use content in more flexible and adaptable ways to ultimately deliver more personalized and effective learning experiences.

We’ve designed Rustici Generator as an API service that will work hand in hand with Rustici Engine. Our next set of work is to embed this functionality into Content Controller and then make it available in SCORM Cloud. We opted for this route to give our customers flexibility on where and how they can incorporate content processing within their applications.

With our initial launch, you can expect the following from Rustici Generator:

Metadata generation to help you better organize, manage and repurpose your content.

Whether you need to add a course title, sift through content within your courses and tag them based on keywords or align that content with a skills taxonomy, or simply generate a summary, Rustici Generator will help you ‘fill in the blanks’ to build a smarter content catalog.

Semantic search capabilities to easily discover what you have in your content.

As content libraries grow over time, it’s easy to lose track of what’s actually in your catalog and finding the material that actually covers the topic or specific subject matter is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Rustici Generator’s semantic search functionality will give you the ability to use natural language questions to identify and access learning content relevant to your request. This will not only search across a content library on a surface level, but it can search into content to directly connect you to places within the content that relate to your search.

Assessment generation to make the most of your content catalog

Content libraries contain a wealth of information across various courses and content types. With Rustici Generator’s assessment generator, you can quickly build assessments based on topics that include supporting reference points from across your entire catalog.

When will this be available, and how can you learn more?

When – the question that always causes a bit of hand wringing. Things move fast and slow when it comes to AI development. As more tools and capabilities show up every day, there are opportunities to move more quickly or may require additional time to vet. With that in mind, we are targeting the first release of our new AI tool to be available for Rustici Engine customers by the end of the year, and our development plan is currently on pace to hit that target.

You can learn more about Rustici Generator and follow along with us here. We’ll be updating this page frequently with more details and timing as we dive into this exciting new endeavor!

Tammy knew what SCORM was several years before joining Rustici Software, and she’s not even a standards geek. She’s the Managing Director and leads our company with a passionate commitment to caring for our people and customers. She’s also an Iron(wo)Man many times over.