As a leader in the Learning Experience Platform space, Degreed is a skill measurement and development platform that enables and recognizes lifelong learning and skills. Known for delivering enterprise learning with a consumer experience, Degreed pulls content into its platform from 1,500 resources—such as LinkedIn Learning, YouTube, and other third-party content services. The platform also analyzes learners’ unique skill sets to recommend and curate content that helps users enhance their experience and work toward professional goals. As a result, both individuals and organizations can discover content while developing, tracking, and measuring skill sets.

The challenge

Degreed encountered an increasing number of clients who had previously built or purchased their own standards-based courses. Degreed wanted to provide a way for their clients without Learning Management Systems (LMSs) to continue using these assets in their training programs and receive the same benefits from integrating into the Degreed platform. For those companies, Degreed needed the ability to import and play client-created content (e.g. LMS courses and assessments) in order to create a more cohesive learning experience for users.

Furthermore, organizations that had historically relied on in-person training now needed a content delivery solution for a global workforce so learners, regardless of where they live, could access training in a central location.

The solution

By developing an integration with the SCORM Cloud API into their software, Degreed provides a platform that enables users to easily host and deliver standardized courses, track course progress and completion, and provide reports on user progress.

Using the API, Degreed brings all the functionality of SCORM Cloud into its application for a seamless user experience. And the API integration was quick and easy to follow using SCORM Cloud’s technical documentation.

SCORM Cloud is available to all Degreed clients—they simply need to request access from their account representative. From there, clients can offer their own courses in the Degreed library alongside other online learning tools, including external courses, articles, videos, books, and events.

Putting learning online with SCORM Cloud and Degreed has made things so much easier. The SCORM Cloud integration allows our clients to load and deliver courses through Degreed all in one platform.

Jeff Okita, Product Manager at Degreed

The benefits

Increased flexibility for tracking users and courses

This option allows admins to quickly add learning content to Degreed as well as direct access to reporting. SCORM Cloud provides more comprehensive reporting within Degreed beyond the basic information—such as course completions, attempts, and assessments—which are otherwise difficult to access.

Learning in a central location

Integrating with SCORM Cloud now lets Degreed host and launch course files normally housed in clients’ LMSs. As a result, Degreed users may not need to rely on or their LMSs as much—or at all. Additionally, users who don’t have or want an LMS now have a solution for effectively deploying training.

A modern approach to formal training

Now, instructors can record their training sessions and then upload and share those videos in the Degreed application with SCORM Cloud. SCORM Cloud can then deploy that training via Degreed, making it easy for learners to access the content. As a result, organizations can scale up training and provide consistency while learners get what they need to do their jobs better.

A more cohesive and integrated learning experience

Users can create pathways in Degreed to aggregate a vast array of third-party content—including links to SCORM and other standardized courses hosted in SCORM Cloud—to create bundled resources for their learners.

The results

Since implementing SCORM Cloud API in 2015, Degreed has more than 125 SCORM Cloud enabled accounts across its client base. With over 4,600 courses imported and hosted, SCORM Cloud seamlessly integrates eLearning standards support in the Degreed platform.

Let’s take a look at one of Degreed’s customers, Atlassian, an enterprise software company that develops products for software developers. For two years, Atlassian used the SCORM Cloud Degreed integration exclusively as their central learning platform. They needed a way to host, launch, and track five eLearning courses to team members around the world. The courses were a part of their on-boarding and new manager training, so it was important they could be easily found. As a result, Atlassian received over 2,400 registrations in that time.

I appreciate that SCORM Cloud is a lightweight service that companies can easily use to launch and track learning, outside of a typically large and cumbersome LMS. SCORM Cloud provided a point solution during a time when we didn't have any other options for hosting online courses.

B.J. Schone, Sr. Learning and Development Manager at Atlassian, a Degreed client

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