The year is coming to a close, but the Rustici Engine team has one last gift for you in 2021. The release of Engine 21.1 is here to support your Vimeo videos, along with new cmi5 conformance and dispatching features.

Vimeo video support is here

If you’ve wanted to use Rustici Engine to support video content, and use Vimeo as your preferred platform, you’re in luck. In the 21.1 Engine release, we’ve expanded our pre-built content integrations and added the ability to search, import and deliver Vimeo videos with the same tracking that we provide for native MP4 video courses. With 21.1, you can support three kinds of video content in your application: native MP4 uploads, Vimeo and Youtube.

Engine is officially cmi5 conformant

Need to purchase a cmi5 conformant content player? Engine 21.1 is for you. Engine has supported cmi5 since 2016, but until the conclusion of Project CATAPULT earlier this year, there wasn’t a test suite available to demonstrate conformance with the specification. Engine 21.1 passed the new cmi5 CATAPULT LMS Test Suite, making Engine 21.1 one of the first to be officially cmi5 conformant. cmi5 is the newest eLearning specification that we support. If you want to know more about what the specification is about, how it’s related to xAPI, and more about its uses, start with our cmi5 explanation.

Dispatch all types of content as cmi5

cmi5 benefits anyone who wants to use xAPI’s advanced tracking capabilities and launch from an LMS. cmi5 is also perfect for L&D professionals using an LMS to incorporate and track learning experiences with new technologies. The Dispatch feature in Engine 21.1 now supports publishing dispatch files as cmi5, along with SCORM, AICC and LTI. So we have every standard covered.

Ready to get started with Vimeo or cmi5 but have questions about the process? Ask us! Here’s a full list of 21.1 features, as well as some important information on breaking changes. We’re happy to answer your questions.

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