Support you get with Rustici Software products

  • MP4 video files

    From on the job training to micro-learning, customers can implement video strategy into your application. The ability to add subtitles and closed captioning provides a more accessible learner experience.

  • MP3 audio files

    As an added bonus, Rustici Software products support the audio coding format for podcasts and other audio clips. Learners can take advantage of more flexible content and experience on-the-go training. 

  • PDF documents

    From policy and procedures documents to job aids and checklists, PDFs provide important supplemental content. Customers can see which of their learners read and reviewed PDF documents to their satisfaction.

Rustici Software products that support media files

Interested in getting support for expanded media files, but don’t know which product fits best with your needs? No problem. Learn more about Rustici Engine, SCORM Cloud and Content Controller below.

  • Rustici Engine

    Rustici Engine is a content player trusted by hundreds of LMSs. It can integrate directly into your application to import, play and track elearning standards and media files. Engine also supports URL imports like SharePoint resources, blog posts or industry articles. Our API offers more flexibility and control around where learners paused, skipped or exited a video. 

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  • SCORM Cloud

    SCORM Cloud helps you test, play and distribute your elearning. SCORM Cloud’s SaaS-based application is built to host, test, deliver and track all of your learning in one place. The SCORM Cloud API allows you to add features like media content support right into your elearning or training application. Sign up for a free trial today.

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  • Content Controller

    Content Controller lets you centrally host, manage and distribute training content. Using the Content Controller web application, your team can login to easily import standards-based content and supporting media files, manage course versions, enforce licenses, capture course analytics and elegantly deliver courses to clients in multiple languages.

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Ready to talk about media file support in one of our products?

Let us help you handle these additional content types so you can focus on creating great learning and training products.